Prince William in the footsteps of Lady Diana, he returned to the one of the greatest habits of his mother

Princess Diana sent one of his habits, the more thoughtful of his son, prince William. In fact, in memory of his mother, the duke of Cambridge has taken a no-brainer when it receives a gift.

As this is Prince William, Prince Harry or even Kate Middleton, the members of the royal family, inspired often of the late Lady Diana. If the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex, as well as their wives never miss an opportunity to pay tribute to Princess, it has also greatly influenced his son. In an interview with the biographer royal Andrew Morton in 1991, Lady Diana revealed that since her earliest childhood, she had made a habit as soon as she received a gift. The young woman made sure that her elder son does also. In fact, in the book Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words (Diana: her true story – In her own words), she explained that a family tradition was to always write “thank you letters” almost immediately after having received a present.

Le prince William sur les traces de Lady Diana, il a repris l'une des plus grandes habitudes de sa mère

Lady Diana is ensured to pass on his values to his son

Princess Diana had taken this very good habit when she was little and never forgot to thank a person when he or she was receiving a gift. “My father, we sit down every Christmas and every birthday, and we had to write letters of thanks within 24 hours. And now, if I don’t, I panic. If I come back from a dinner, or a place that needs a letter, I assoies at midnight to write it and I don’t expect the next morning, where I would remain on the conscience. And William does now. This is great.”, looked forward to it. Lady Diana had written a letter to her bodyguard to thank him for his services during a holiday “magical” in the family. She had then made to sign by the princes Harry and William. Recently, the Duke of Cambridge made a tribute upsetting to Lady Diana and continues to honor her mother by continuing this tradition.