Prince William separated from Kate Middleton, find out why prince Charles advised him to leave

You may not know this but the advice of prince Charles, at the time, pushed his son William to break up with Kate Middleton.

Between Kate Middleton and prince William who would be reluctant ever to appear complicit in their media outlets, it is mad love ! Since the two lovebirds have said yes to life on April 29, 2011 during a gorgeous wedding ceremony at Westminster abbey, they swim in happiness. And for good reason, in addition to being a couple very close-knit, they are the happy parents of three small pieces of cabbage. But as you know, if this idyll is now a dream, she was not always a long quiet river. Indeed, when the duke of Cambridge was in his twenties, he broke with the duchess of Cambridge. Today, we learn that it is prince Charles who had blown the idea to his son.

Prince William s?par? de Kate Middleton, d?couvrez pourquoi le prince Charles lui a conseill? de la quitter

Prince William has always listened to the advice of his father, Charles.

If we are to believe the revelations of the journalist Christopher Andersen in the documentary Kate Middleton: Biography released in 2006, the prince William left Kate Middleton by phone after 4 years of relationship and this, on the advice of prince Charles. “William talked with his father and said to him : ‘Listen, I am 25 years old, I’m too young to get married. I don’t want to hire me.’ Charles, who liked Kate at the time, had replied : ‘It would be really unfair to Kate. You can’t hope for anything, you should just break,'” he explained. Fortunately, the break did not last long as the duke and duchess of Cambridge are rabiboch?s two months later. The following, you know.