Prince William : The real reason why Prince Harry offered him the engagement ring of Lady Di revealed

All the world knows, Prince Harry was offered the engagement ring of Lady Diana to Prince William for his wedding. But what is the real reason ? We know the answer !

The atmosphere would not be good for the Palace. Since the announcement of the removal of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, rumors are rife about a tension between the Duchess of Sussex, and Kate Middleton. With the brothers between the two of course. So apparently Princes Harry and William, are also in a war (the new, however, belied by Kengsinton), we prefer to focus on a story reminding us of the complicity of the two princes, that of the engagement ring of Lady Diana that Prince Harry had inherited, and which he offered to Prince William for his wedding to Kate Middleton in 2011. Paul Butler, the butler of Princess Diana, has given more details on this story in the documentary, The Diana Story devoted to the mother of William and Harry.

Prince William : La vraie raison pour laquelle Prince Harry lui a offert la bague de fiançailles de Lady Di dévoilée

According to his words, the death of Diana in 1997, his son had to each pick an object. Prince William, who had priority, has made the Cartier watch that his grandfather had given his mother for his 21st birthday. And then Harry said that he wanted the engagement ring blue Lady Di. ” I remember that when I held the hand of mom when I was a little boy, this ring hurt me always because it was too big “, remembered Paul’s explanation of Prince Harry. And when William asked for her hand to Kate, Harry gave the ring to Diana at her brother because he had the impression that he had to have it. ” Wouldn’t it be better if it had the ring of mom ? That one day this ring will be on the throne of England “, he would have-he said. A reason very touching, reminding us that Prince William and Prince Harry have always been very close and that their beautiful relationship is not so easy to lose !