Princess Charlotte and Kate Middleton’s co-conspirators, check out the details of their evening of mother and daughter !

Kate Middleton has taken the princess Charlotte to attend a show very special ! Check out the details of their evening, as mother and daughter.

The princess Charlotte and prince George are adorable, but caring for them is not always an easy task for the duke and duchess of Cambridge ! If both parents love their children and sing regularly leurslouanges in the press, they have a lot of energy. This is also the reason that gave prince William when he was asked why the princess Charlotte and prince George, who can be mischievous in public, had not attended the great Christmas party organized by their parents. But it is also know to be very wise, and besides, this is what happened during the outing a very special one that held Kate Middleton for the princess Charlotte !

Princesse Charlotte et Kate Middleton complices, découvrez les détails de leur soirée mère-fille !

In fact, as reported by People magazine, Kate Middleton has been a nice surprise to his daughter, as she led her to a special performance in the afternoon of the famous ballet the nutcracker at the Royal Opera House. For a moment, the young princess was surely loved, seen that like his brother George, she likes to dance. The duchess of Cambridge has confided that her daughter had not enjoyed not having attended the Christmas party organised for the families of the military, and she has found a good way to make him happy. The princess is definitely very lucky and very fortunate, and if you want to test your knowledge on the childhood of Charlotte and George, this test is for you !