Princess Charlotte : The amazing rule a royal that she must meet in public and surprise fans (PHOTOS)

The princess Charlotte admiration at each of his public appearances, but have you noticed a detail ? One learns more about the daughter of Kate and William.

The princess Charlotte enchants fans ! The public loves to see the girl of Kate Middleton and prince William, as well as his brothers, have fun and show their personalities already well-affirmed in each of their public appearances. Recently, we had the right reaction adorable of James Middleton, brother of Kate, who was happy at the birth of Charlotte in 2015. And since we saw the princess grow up ! But have you noticed one detail in particular during her family outings ? We already know that the prince George is a subscriber to shorts at the official events, and younger sister, she also adheres to a dress code specific.

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In fact, as reported by the Daily Express, the princess Charlotte wears them all the time dresses ! To the point where fans are wondering if the big sister of the prince Louis was allowed to wear pants. But they shouldn’t be afraid, this is the case, as explained by a specialist of the british royal family : “there is no rule about the pants. If the duchess is wearing a dress in public that Charlotte is with her, it is very likely that Charlotte, at her age, wears a dress – and also on the official portraits, or on the balcony for the Trooping of the Colour. I think that when the kids are home, and they play in their room or in the garden, they wear more casual.” We should, therefore, continue to see the princess Charlotte, who has made his season with the prince George, dress for a good time !