Priority to life!

More and more pedestrians are caught by the motorists. Most recently, a 23-year-old pedestrian succumbed to her injuries a few days after being hit hard by a driver.
O n tell me to do it, as pedestrians, it falls by ten every day in the big cities of our planet. That we are in a crazy world where the global car fleet is engulfing us anyway. I know, but I do not do it. I do not resonate about it.

You see, 23 years old, it’s about the same age as Helen, an emblematic figure of my memory. Young talented art student, dedicated to a brilliant future according to her teachers, an artist who already had a touch of genius in her. But above all, a friend dear to me, beautiful, graceful, intelligent, virtuous, who made me know and love the great names of French and Quebec songs, who introduced me to the world of modern art, who loved to the madness of life, but who knew so well how to criticize our world with vision and great relevance. She was older than me by a few years, she was almost a mentor to me. She walked in our world with her head held high and her look frowning, humming the tunes of Ferré and Barbara. When I walked by his side,

But one evening, when no less than 200 kilometers separated me from her, she was thrown out of the realm of life by a motorist who had forgotten that priority had to be given to pedestrians, especially in a city like Montreal. Helen was foolishly, unjustly, in a flash, while she was in full swing towards the light, while she was in full swing, when she had just left the doors that evening. of the University. For Hélène, but also for all those who lost their lives by simply walking in our cities. For these current humans, vulnerable bipeds, day or night walkers, men and women of our time.

For them, I ask motorists to be vigilant and also to give priority to pedestrians, as the law stipulates. To give a chance to all these beings who walk under the stars and under the sun. Priority to life!

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