“PrivatBank” announced the suspension of all transactions on customer cards.

							«ПриватБанк» объявил о приостановке всех операций по картам клиентов

One of the largest Ukrainian Bank “PrivatBank” will suspend all transactions on payment cards of its customers in connection with the transition to the new version of database management systems. According to the information card cannot be used between midnight and 4 am Sunday October 14.

“Technological work will be carried out at night when the load is minimal and most clients do not conduct active operations. Similar “time-out” take ATMs, POS terminals and POS terminals of the Bank. Further stabilization of the systems can last up to 8 hours of Sunday morning of October 14”

— the press-service of “PrivatBank”

The Bank apologized to its customers for the inconvenience and complications associated with the technical work, explaining that these changes will help speed up and stabilize the Bank system. The Bank has also advised to carry out all the planned operations in advance and to “stock up cash in a night club and transfer of the active shopping session in the online stores for the morning time.”

Previously in “PrivatBank” reported that the ATMs of the financial institutions can lend.