Prohibited access to transportation for 12 years and most without a mask

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  • 18 new deaths, 11 occurred prior to the 22 June, for a total of 5503
  • 68 new cases, for a total of 55 458
  • 435 people to be hospitalized (-20), including 38 intensive care unit (-7)

The transit will take with a cover face starting on 13 July.

Québec confirmed Tuesday the information circulating since yesterday about this.

The obligation of the port mask applies to transit users 12 years of age and older. The cover face will also be highly recommended for 2 to 12 years of age. In the bottom of 2 years, it is best not to wear it, said prime minister François Legault, during a press conference in Montreal.

There will be no police or fines, he added, but the people who run the transport companies will seek to prohibit entry to people who do not have a mask.

Mr. Legault stated that there will be a period of transition. Thus, the transport companies will notify users that they must wear a mask starting on 13 July, but the access will not be prohibited to those without covers face only from the 27 July.

The prime minister has also said that wearing a mask is highly recommended in public places.

“For the moment, I say for the moment, this is not mandatory “, he started, noting that his government does not rule out possibly make the mask mandatory elsewhere than in the transport.

Other details will follow.

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