Prokhory-Parmani August 10: what and what not to do

Прохоры-Пармены 10 августа: что нужно, а что нельзя делать

Folk omens on August 10

Before this day is especially revered blacksmiths. In fact, these people had almost everything: the horses shod and the wagon could be repaired, and to sharpen the sickle or Sapa. People were amazed at how they expertly handle fire, steel, and therefore ascribed to them the ability of wizards who will associate with supernatural force, and perhaps with the Devil himself. So they tried not to anger. And on the day Prokhorov and parmena all came to him with offerings.

Sales people, on the contrary suffered, as on this day not to buy something. And to change things even more. Said that such purchases do not serve for a long time and the thing itself will bring bad luck, writes

Our ancestors were digging potatoes and transplanted flowers. Tore of pear and make winter preparations, and children and old men went to the forest for mushrooms, which grew under the trees.

Folk omens on August 10

  • If you went into the woods to pick berries, the first glass should be given to someone. So the harvest will be more. But if the berries gathered, a lot, about their places of gathering to tell you can not, or will deceive the devil.
  • It is impossible to tell and where he collected a lot of mushrooms, for the same reason.
  • If the woman decided to go for berries or mushrooms, it must feel good to be in a good mood. If “critical days”, then go to the forest is impossible, you still come back with an empty basket.
  • You can’t change things, otherwise the thing will not do good and disappear. It is impossible to take out debts, and to lend money.
  • It is impossible to buy anything.
  • People with a particularly troubled and violent temper were given on this day, there are pears, they were reassured.
  • And if you eat a pear at sunset, in a dream you will come the solution to your problem.
  • If the night on a cot hung a sprig of pear or simply put a figure made of pear wood, then later the child will learn better.
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Also don’t forget that Friday is a fast day. So you need to behave accordingly.