Protests in Paris on Saturday for visitors close to the Eiffel tower

Протесты в Париже: в субботу для посетителей закроют Эйфелеву башню

In connection with the protest of the “yellow jackets” in Paris decided to close for the visitors of the Eiffel tower. The cost of the already bought tickets will be reimbursed.

“Because of the demonstrations that will take place in Paris, the Eiffel tower is closed for visitors on Saturday, 8 December”, — said the representative of the French attractions.

Recall riots began in France on 17 November after the publication of the intentions of the authorities to increase the excise tax on gasoline. November 24, protesters in Paris on the Champs Elysees tried to break through to government buildings and clashed with police. Interior Minister Christoph Kastner stated that the responsibility for the collision in Paris is on the French far-right leader marine Le Pen. Protesters against the increase in excise duty on petrol has damaged the arc de Triomphe in Paris. The authorities are ready to impose a state of emergency.