PSG – Dortmund – 2:0 a Chronicle of the match, goals video!

ПСЖ - Боруссия - 2:0 Хроника матча, видео голов

Wednesday, March 11, in the return match of 1/8 final of the Champions League played the French “PSG” and German “Borussia”. The meeting was held in Paris at the stadium “Park de Prince”.

“Apostrophe” conducted an online broadcast of the match PSG – Borussia.

The meeting will begin at 22:00.



PSG: Navas, Kimpembe, Kehrer, Marquinhos, Paredes, Cavani, Neymar, Di Maria, Bernat, Sarabia, the Gaye.

Dortmund: Burke, Sagado, Hakimi, Sancho, Guerreiro, Hummels, Holland, Torhan Azar, Piszczek, Jung, Witzel.

The final whistle!

90+4. And Mbappe got a yellow for a rough foul in midfield.

90+2. Another substitution: Kouassi came on the field instead of Paredes.

90+1. Total yellow cards received Marquinhos, Di Maria and Jan. For the latter, this was the second and he left the team in the minority.

90. And now a mass brawl on the pitch. The referees deliberated for a long time and now started to punish the guilty.

89. Jan received a yellow card for a foul on Neymar.

88. Gotze replaced Hakimi is the final replacement of the guests.

86. Neymar earned a free-kick and he went to the ball. The shot fell a little above the gate.

80. A bit more attacking steel players in the German team, but the goal is still too far away.

77. Kurzawa came on as a substitute Di Maria.

75. Dangerous! Marquinhos is not barely deflected the ball into his own net after hitting the Brant! The ball fell at the gate, and could be an own goal!

70. Two substitutions we have: Brandt went on the field instead of hazard, and Witsel has replaced Raina.

66. Bernat played roughly against Sancho and got yellow card.

64. A rare attack Dortmund ended with a kick from Holland, which, by the way, was blocked by the defenders.

60. The first substitution of the match: Mbappe went on the field instead of Serebii.

55. Dortmund still haven’t found the keys to today’s opponent, they gradually say goodbye to the Champions League.

53. Hummels received a yellow card for a foul.

50. The right to a dangerous free-kick got the home side and the ball went Di Maria, whose strike in an improbable jump parried Burke.

The second half started!


45. GOOOOOOOAL! 2:0! BRANDT! In touch has punched precisely in a gate corner of the rival.

43. Almost ended the first half until all surely goes to the fact that PSG will enter the quarter finals of the Champions League.

38. PSG continued to dominate, while Dortmund does not even hint at a positive result.

34. Boring no fans in the stands, but they regularly remind myself outside of the arena.

31. And now the Germans need to score, such an outcome, they leave the tournament.

29. GOOOOOOOOOOL! Neymar headed the ball into the net after a corner from Di Maria.

25. Cavani! The first dangerous moment in the match, but Burke saved the team after hitting a ball from the Uruguayan.

20. Parisians are trying to fight against the opponent, but nothing comes out of the home team. Guests confidently defend.

16. Holando yellow for a foul in midfield against Paredes.

14. Returned to the field, the Brazilian striker and has managed to give a sharp pass inside the penalty area, but defenders were on the spot.

9. Again Neymar on the pitch, but this time something serious. Took off of the Brazilian, something with a shoulder at him.

5. Fireworks in Paris, fans have been waiting for the football of this quality. But on the field until all is quiet.

3. Neymar already was on the lawn, but will be able to continue meeting the Brazilian.

1. The game started in Paris! PSG with the first seconds rushed to the attack!

In the first match the victory with the score 2:1 won the German club.

Dortmund took second place in group F. the German club met with “Barcelona” (0:0, 1:3), “inter” (0:2, 3:2) and “Slavia” (2:1, 2:0). “PSG” finished in first place in group A. the Parisians played with “real” (3:0, 2:2), “Bruges” (1:0, 5:0) and “the Galatasaray” (5:0, 1:0).

Previously the first quarter of this season’s Champions League have become the Italian “Atalanta” and the German “RB Leipzig”.


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