Published an open letter to Oleg Sentsov

							Опубликовано открытое письмо Олега Сенцова

The political prisoner of Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov, said through his lawyer a letter to everyone who has supported him all the 145 days of hunger strike. In it, he apologizes and explains why forced her to stop.

In connection with the critical condition of my health, and started pathological changes in internal organs, in the near future for me planned use of coercive power. My opinion is not taken into account. Supposedly I’m not able to adequately assess the level of health and of the danger threatening him. Force-feeding will be conducted as part of resuscitation to save the life of the patient. In these conditions I am forced to stop his hunger strike from tomorrow, that is 6.10.18.

145 days of fighting, minus 20 kg of weight, plus the torn body, but the goal is never achieved. I am grateful to all who have supported me, and apologize to those whom I failed…

Glory To Ukraine!

Oleg Sentsov. 5.10.18

Earlier, the Ombudsman Denisov explained why Oleg Sentsov stopped the hunger strike.