Published rating of the most innovative universities in the world

							Опубликован рейтинг самых инновационных университетов мира

Reuters have chosen the universities who have committed the greatest contribution to the development of science and new technologies. According to the rating, in 2018, the championship received the Stanford University, which is not losing ground for the fourth time in a row.

Recent studies Stanford relate to artificial intelligence, including chamber systems that allow to manage the machine-simulators and simulators and can predict the interaction of drugs. This will reduce testing of new drugs on humans.

The top 5 includes only American universities. 2nd place — University of Massachusetts (MIT), 3 — Harvard, 4 place — University of Pennsylvania. The top five closes the University of Washington.

In the ranking by number of universities in the country, the championship received the USA (49 institutions), the second and the third place was shared by Germany and Japan (9 institutions). Ukrainian universities in the rankings.

However, earlier, the Ukrainian University for the first time included in the rating of the employability of graduates.