Punk roots-rock, tribute acoustic

Racines punk-rock, hommage acoustique

Racines punk-rock, hommage acoustique

Dominic Pelletier and Noah Talbot


May 23, 2020 4: 00


Punk roots-rock, tribute acoustic

Racines punk-rock, hommage acoustique

Racines punk-rock, hommage acoustique

Geneviève Bouchard

The Sun

Noah Talbot and Dominic Pelletier, have made their classes in musical school punk-rock. Now, they pay tribute to those who have inspired them in acoustic mode, and in French, please. Result : replays that are moving away from the original parts, without distorting the mind.

Between Hot Water Music and The Sainte Catherines, Frank Turner, Blink-182, Beach Slang, or No Use For a Name, the duo paid the deals with the minialbum Times acoustic, Vol. 2, which was launched online recently. The first volume was signed by Noah Talbot solo. The latter has been itching to rebrasser cards with Pelletier, the singer and guitarist for the training The Hunters, and Caravan.

“I didn’t do a second volume that is different from the first one,” says Talbot, who has taken a liking to the exercise of dressed in smooth parts punk-rock. “The idea was to revisit the songs in a way that is a little different. Time and again, in the punk-rock, there are beats super fast, but melodies that are super beautiful. It may restrict the audience a lot. By removing this beat, you just brought the song to its melody, to the essential,” explains the musician, who reached a pole Pelletier to spice up the experience.

“If it had not been for him, I think that I would never have done that. This is not the kind of stuff that comes naturally to me. But when I proposed, I immediately agreed to put my grain of salt in there,” says Dominic Pelletier.


With a guy in Montreal and the other in Québec city, the work which led to this minialbum is often done at a distance, the two accomplices are being met on only two occasions during the process… And this, even before the COVID-19 we impose a period of confinement. “It is so 2020 as a method of creation!” lance Dominic Pelletier. He has mainly worked on the arrangements, while his partner has signed the major part of the adaptation of the texts.

“The refrains, this is often what is most hard to translate, note Noah Talbot. What are syllables very spare. This part of translate the choruses, and we did it together when we saw it. After, I begin to have a lot of experience in translation of texts. I have brought a kind of sketch that Dom has been able to change when he found that it flowed more easily otherwise.”

Listening to their readings, it is sometimes easy to forget that the original songs were brewing a lot more than their interpretations. It was precisely the aim of the two musicians. “I think that our mission is successful. It was as much pleasure to the nostalgic of songs that are beautiful to people who don’t know,” muses Dominic Pelletier.

“New universe”

The duo cites the example of their version while delicacy of Dammit, a great success of the training Blink-182. “It is really different from the original. According to me, if one did not do it, it would crash. The true is so good. If we want that to serve as something to revisit, it is necessary to give him a new universe. It is for that reason that we went in the really slower. Of course, it has given something more profound,” observes Dominic Pelletier.

Dammit, this is a song that you listen to without you paying much attention to the text, adds Noah Talbot. There are plenty of songs like that, more pop, that we know by heart without ever really considering what they have to say. But when it is translated and brings the song to its melody, it becomes convincing. This is about the human.”

If they have taken the freedom to adapt the songs of their choice, without asking permission, the two musicians are happy to hear positive feedback from the artists original. Hugo Mudie of the Sainte Catherines has given his blessing to their adaptation of Ring of Fire = 4 points, just like Frank Turner for Good & Gone. This week, the singer of the formation of Beach Slang has shared on the social networks, their cover of Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas, describing it as “one of the most charming that I have heard before”.

The public response has also been positive, according to the main stakeholders. “There have been people who have written to me and who have told me that they had tears in their eyes listening to the songs. Why, to be honest, it surprised me,” says Noah Talbot.

“The tears, it must be because of the containment!” laughing in his turn Dominic Pelletier.

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