Quebec delegate in Chicago will receive a salary increase of nearly 18%

Appointed delegate to Chicago at the end of June by the Legault government to represent Quebec, Martine Hébert will also be entitled to a much higher salary compared to that of her predecessor.
D ‘after the decree confirming his remuneration conditions, the main former Vice President Quebec of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, whose term will begin on July 29 will be entitled to an annual payroll of $ 169 910.

This is an increase of approximately 17.5 percent compared to the $ 144,708 emoluments granted to Jean-François Hould in July 2017 following his appointment.

The latest publication in the Gazette officielle du Québec also confirms the basic annual salary of $ 197,303, which was previously unveiled by La Presse canadienne, which will be paid by Pierre Gabriel Côté as delegate general of Québec in London.

To this amount will be added a living premium of $ 9730 as well as “annual vacation pay of twenty-five working days”.

The base salary of the former President and CEO of Investissement Québec (IQ), which is scheduled to start on July 29, will be about 23 per cent higher than the annual salary of $ 160,899 received by his predecessor John Anthony Coleman. The latter was replaced after only one and a half years in the United Kingdom.

With respect to Ms. Hébert, the decree surrounding her emoluments does not specify whether she will be entitled to paid vacation as the former leader of the financial arm of the Quebec state.

Although the increases are marked, Luc Bernier, Jarislowsky Chair in Public Sector Management, said they were not “absurd”.

“It may be more than the elders (delegates), but I find that correct,” he explained, in a telephone interview. It is (in the parameters) of the big posts. It’s still a busy job. ”

For Mr. Bernier, the increases granted to Mr. Côté and Ms. Hébert are much more reasonable compared to the conditions granted to IQ’s new CEO, Guy LeBlanc, whose compensation could approach $ 1 million.

The two new Quebec government representatives abroad also have the right to reimbursement of expenses for “travel and subsistence expenses”. It is not excluded that we review their remuneration.

In the event of replacement, Ms. Hébert and Mr. Côté will be entitled to a transition allowance of up to one full year of salary.

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