Quebec does not have the complete picture of the CHSLD

Québec n’a pas le portrait complet des CHSLD

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Daphnee Phillips, a resident of the neighborhood, filed Monday, a bouquet of flowers in front of the CHSLD Herron, Dorval.

The prime minister of Québec, François Legault, pledged Monday to do “the light” on the circumstances that led to the deaths of 31 residents in a private CHSLD Dorval, but he also admitted that his government was still to “seek more information” about seniors homes on the private network.

In the midst of a crisis, Quebec has dispatched inspectors in the 40 NURSING homes private non-subsidized in order to see if they are well managed. In five of these institutions, the response has been negative, and measures of “surveillance” have been established. Elsewhere in the network, the picture will have to wait. “We talk about 2600 homes. We’re all going to inspect to understand, ” announced the head of government.

An article in the Montreal Gazette that appeared Friday sounded the alarm about the private CHSLD non-contracted Herron Dorval, where elders have been neglected ; left in their feces for a good part of the staff that had given up ” the place, as summarized by the head of the government.

Since the 13th of march, 31 of the 150 residents of the CHSLD Herron are dead. Five of them received a positive diagnosis at the COVID-19, but “we don’t have the information for the other 26 patients who died,” admitted François Legault Saturday.

The institution has been placed under guardianship on 29 march, two days after a first case of infection with the coronavirus was confirmed in the NURSING homes, according to a letter sent on 9 April by one of its owners, Katherine Chowieri, to the minister of Health, Danielle McCann.

In this letter, which was sent to the media, the manager asks “direct and immediate” to the minister to stop the “bad stewardship” of the CIUSSS of the West-Island of Montreal, which has taken over the management of the establishment having regard to the “health emergency” that had been recorded.


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In various email exchanges dating from the beginning of the month of April, another manager of CHSLD Herron, Samantha Chowieri, sharing of lists of personnel with managers of the CIUSSS of the West-of-the-Island-of-Montreal. This last has, however, said Monday that ” the property owners have not cooperated fully “.

In point of press on Monday, François Legault did not hesitate to condemn the actions of the leadership of the CHSLD Herron, who was accused Saturday of the gestures-like the ” gross negligence “.

Three investigations are underway : on the part of the public health, the police Department of the City of Montreal and the Bureau du coroner. “Me, what we refer to me, is that the problem was really in the direction of the CHSLD “, has, however, said the prime minister. “The CHSLD Herron, rents ranged from 3000 to 10 000 $ per month, then it seems to me that the ltc facility would have had to be able to pay good wages to keep his world “, he pestered. “There is no reason “, he dropped into an answer in English.

“Under surveillance “

Since the beginning of the epidemic COVID-19 in Quebec, 360 people have died after contracting the virus. Nearly half of these people (48 %) lived in NURSING homes, while 19 % lived in private residences for seniors before being swept away by the disease. In all, 296 of the 2,600 residential resources for seniors in Quebec reported one or more cases of infection to the COVID-19. There are also 30 living environments, on the 2600, where more than 15 % of the residents are affected by the coronavirus.

At the canada level, half of the 770 deaths were of people who lived in NURSING homes or residences for seniors.

In Quebec, ” the great majority “of the CHSLD private” are very well managed “, was keen to tell the prime minister Legault. But five of them — that he did not want to name — only “are not in 100% control” of the situation, he added. In some places, the areas ” hot ” and “cold” are ill-defined ; in other cases, contacts with families are not established.

The minister responsible for Seniors and caregivers, Marguerite Blais, has not wanted to provide the number of CHSLD where the areas of infection to the COVID-19 are ill-defined, especially with the help of a curtain, as the CHSLD Sainte-Dorothée, hard hit by the COVID-19.

“There are several NURSING homes that are dilapidated in Quebec for 25 years,” she said. “And this is not because it is separated by a curtain that there is no contagion “, she acknowledged. Des CHSLD where the positive patients are separated from the other by a simple curtain, there are “a few,” she continued, without moving forward on a number.

François Legault has especially insisted on the problems caused by the shortage of orderlies, known and documented well before it hits the COVID-19. He said to evaluate the possibility to enable the family caregiver to return to “give a hand” in NURSING homes. He has also expressed a desire to increase the salaries of employees, but face the will of the unions to negotiate ” the same salary increase percentage for all employees “.

The opposition to the front

For a rare time on Monday, the official opposition has questioned the government’s job Legault in times of health crisis. Before the “horror” experienced by the residents of the CHSLD-private Herron, chef Pierre Arcand has chosen to intervene by publishing an open letter. “We believe that there must be greater transparency as to the condition of the premises for each of the NURSING homes, whether public or private, can we read there. This information will give the accurate time to the public, ” he told The canadian Press.

In a press briefing, the prime minister, Legault has confirmed that his government always sought to obtain information from private institutions.

But the situation is changing every day, ” he qualified. “I don’t think we will start to give the situation of the 2,600 homes “, he said.

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