Québec expands the supply of foreign doctors

Québec repousse l’offre de médecins étrangers

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The office of the minister Danielle McCann does not rule out the idea of granting a right of
practice restrictive to foreign doctors, but said that”it was not rendered there”.

A hundred foreign-trained doctors are urging Quebec to give them a license to practice restrictive so that they can go lend a hand in NURSING homes and hospitals. These practitioners, most of whom have passed all the examinations required by the College of physicians, do not understand why Quebec does not imitate the Ontario, which already provides the license to practice temporary international doctors under certain conditions.

Germinal Privilege, who was a doctor in Haiti before immigrating to Quebec 4 years ago, holds a master’s degree in public health from the University of Montreal and is in the process of passing the last examination required by the College.

“I was in Haiti when there was the earthquake. I have already worked in a time of crisis, ” he said. “I have the heart that cries every time I see people who are suffering and dying due to lack of staff while I am there, available, with all of my experience and my skills. “

In Quebec in the past ten years, Ketani Elalia, who was a doctor in Algeria, is currently a nurse at the Institute of cardiology and holds a training of beneficiaries attendant. “I say to myself, I can form a team to help. I am a 3-in-1 ! “

Even if it is halfway of the journey to recognition gained by the college of physicians, she does not understand that the government does not solicit its services.

“It’s a mess ! “, she says. “The government could offer restrictive permits like in Ontario and it would give us the opportunity to finally be what we are, either of the doctors the entire time, instead of merely use us as servants. Why not give us our chance ? “


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For Marie-Ange Jeudy, founder of Angels of hope ACI, which runs a program helping nearly 400 foreign doctors to apply for recognition of their training, the Quebec would come out a winner ” because that will allow foreign graduates to gain the experience in quebec so sought after. “

His body has not been slow to respond to the call to the reinforcements of the prime minister and drew up a list of 150 doctors who have started or completed their process of recognition of prior learning with the College of physicians.

Among them, Patrick Pongo and Alexis Okonda, two doctors in the democratic Republic of the Congo and settled in Quebec for the past ten years. The first has passed all its required examinations by the College of physicians and the second, mid-way through the course recognition of prior learning, worked as a manager at CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’île-de-Montréal.

“I manage clinical projects for the COVID-19, and an emergency clinic. I tell myself that I can make more if I work as a care attendant, ” said Mr Okonda. “I even made here a nursing background and a master’s degree in administration. But what I would like to make, it is my medical expertise, ” added the man who dreams of working as a doctor.

Failure of JeContribue !

Last week, the prime minister, François Legault, and the minister of Health, Danielle McCann, had both argued that they were open to the contribution of immigrants trained in health and with work permits. “I invite them to join I can help !, and we will follow up with them, ” was merely said Ms. McCann.

However, this approach is a failure for a variety of doctors to whom The Duty has spoken. Arrival of Algeria seven years ago, Hayat Bentaleb, who is waiting to start his residency, and then immediately went to go fill out the online form and has even been called several times.

“But each time, when I say that I’m a doctor, we don’t know what to do. They take my details, but the answer is that the form is for the nurses, members of the Order. Once, a person told me that she was going to present my case to his superior, but I’ve never had to return, ” she says.

Questioned on the issue of whether Québec would follow suit in Ontario and grant temporary permits to physicians, the office of the minister McCann responded that he did not exclude the idea to make adjustments to accommodate them in the network, but that” it was not rendered there “.

“For the moment, we are especially in need of orderlies,” said the press officer, Alexandre Lahaie. As the College of physicians, it does not retain the idea for the moment and focuses, rather, the contribution of physicians to the retreat for less than three years and that of medical specialists and family physicians, in particular.

The College of physicians and surgeons of Ontario, began last month to grant temporary permits to foreign doctors having completed the examination of the royal College of Canada or who have obtained a degree in a canadian university during the past two years. A duration of 30 days, the permit allows these doctors to practise in a recognized institution and under supervision. So far, a dozen candidates have been accepted.

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