Quebec mobilizes a team of experts to protect seniors

Québec mobilise une équipe d'experts pour protéger les aînés

The minister responsible for Seniors and caregivers, Marguerite Blais

10 April 2020 17: 20

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Quebec mobilizes a team of experts to protect seniors

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Quebec mobilizes a team of experts to coordinate the fight against the COVID-19 in the walks of life for seniors in the hope of regaining control of the epidemic and avoid the carnage in NURSING homes.

Already 119 of 241 victims who died from the disease COVID-19 in Quebec were residing in accommodation centres, and long-term care (CHSLD).

“We want to flatten the curve of the NURSING homes and residences for seniors. We want to take care of our seniors,” insisted the minister of Health and social Services, Danielle McCann.

She made the announcement of these new measures intervention Friday afternoon during a press conference in the company of the minister responsible for Seniors and caregivers, Marguerite Blais.

While insisting on the fact that the government has acted quickly, Danielle McCann acknowledged that no one had foreseen the impact of the week of spring break during which many quebecers have travelled.

“There have been travellers and we didn’t know it at the time, but there has been the spread of different ways, has allowed the minister of Health. I think that, unfortunately, there are children who are returned to in NURSING homes because they had no knowledge of the situation we had a few days after when it has put measures.”

The two ministers unveiled their tactical team, which will be conducted by Dr. Quoc Dinh Nguyen, doctor geriatrician-internist and epidemiologist specializing in aging at the Centre hospitalier de l’université de Montréal (CHUM).

“His phone number is already programmed into my cell phone and believe me I will make it a misuse. In other words, Dr. Nguyen joined our staff,” said Marguerite Blais.

An action plan will be deployed in order to act more aggressively in the centres long-term care, private homes for seniors and intermediate resources.

This team of specialists has the task of monitoring the evolution of the situation in real time to react and intervene more rapidly in each of the living environments for seniors where the coronavirus has spread.

Among the concrete measures put forward now, we will proceed to a reallocation of human resources and a bonus of the care teams; to an intensification of the screening measures of the COVID-19; the cessation of transfers and admissions in the living environments for seniors; the supply of protective equipment to all employees.

The six specialists who will support Dr. Nguyen: Dr. David Lussier, geriatrician at the Institute of geriatrics of Montreal, Dr. Patricia Ayoub, head of the Department of general medicine at the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital, Dr. Serge Brazeau, president of the Association of physicians geriatricians in Québec, Karine Labarre, nurse and counsellor-an expert in geriatric care, Dr. Pierre Duplessis, medical doctor, specialist in public health and crisis management expert, and Dr. Danielle Daoust, representative of general practitioners working with seniors.

Two institutions under guardianship

A handful of living environments for seniors are currently living in a situation of serious crisis where the accumulation of deaths related to the COVID-19. Among these, two private institutions are completely overwhelmed by the situation, have seen the health care network to take control of the operations.

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The minister Danielle McCann has also revealed the case of the private CHSLD Herron, Dorval, where the public health has discovered two corpses, as well as residents in a state degrading. Some have been found wearing clothing soiled by their excreta.

“Just before the press conference, I was informed of this situation. I want a report on this matter. This is very worrying, but I trust the CIUSSS which has taken the operations support,” said Ms. McCann.

It added that two people had succumbed to the COVID-19 at the residence Herron and that 18 other people had died of other causes during the last month.

The other institution that was in need of taking control of health care is the residence Mansion of Liverpool in Lévis.

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