Quebec will authorize the raising interiors

Québec autorisera les rassemblements intérieurs

Photo: Ryan Remiorz, The canadian Press
The prime minister François Legault

The government of quebec will authorize soon the gatherings interiors, said on Monday the prime minister Legault.

A bit like outdoor gatherings, those interiors should not exceed a certain number of people — probably 10, according to François Legault.

“The figures are very encouraging,” he said, referring to the number of deaths (six) registered over the last 24 hours, but, more broadly, to the evolution of the curves in the last few weeks. “Not to take anything for granted, but when you look at the cases, hospitalizations, deaths, this is very encouraging — especially considering that it was déconfiné a number of activities. “

Mr. Legault thinks so that we can go “one step further” — open the family gatherings and friendly on the inside. “I think that it is made as to the step to reopen the restaurants, with instructions [social distancing] “, he added.

The details of these new guidelines will be disclosed later on Monday.

“Quiet evolution”

Mr. Legault has also argued that Quebec is now ready for a “quiet evolution”, in order to combat racism in Quebec.

“It has been a quiet Revolution, it is due for a quiet evolution”, he said after making reference to the global protest movement sparked by the death of George Floyd in the United States.

“I understand that a lot of people say: “how is it that by 2020, there are still people who question the equality of all human beings?”. It should not be just rhetoric, it is necessary to act,” he said.

Mr. Legault stated that it “should not split on one or more words” — without specifying which, but rejecting again the term “systemic racism” to describe the situation in Quebec — and “avoid the trial of the Québécois”.

“All Quebecers agree that something needs to be done. I’m pragmatic, I want pragmatic solutions in a number of sectors, to take the fight to this evil that is eroding the society.”

Other details will follow.

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