Quebec will have to wait until we have the 1000 pairs of arms requested

Québec devra patienter avant d’avoir les 1000 paires de bras demandées

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Even the 6 July, they will not be 1000 employees and volunteers of the Red Cross in NURSING homes, has confirmed its spokesman Carl Boisvert.

The prime minister of Québec, François Legault, will not have 1000 pairs of arms requested, for Friday, the scheduled date of the end of the military mission in NURSING homes.

The soldiers who had come to lend a hand have already started to pack up to leave space for the canadian Red Cross, who will replace them in a phased manner starting on 6 July.

However, even the July 6, they will not be 1000 employees and volunteers of the Red Cross in NURSING homes, has confirmed its spokesman Carl Boisvert, The canadian Press on Thursday.

The recruitment is still ongoing, and it is going well, according to Mr. Boisvert. The candidates, who do not need to have a medical experience, will train express before being deployed.

On its website, the Red Cross still shows a variety of positions, specifying that they can be paid or volunteer : support service, care attendant and attendant at the administration, among others.

It is stated that the people recruited will be required to commit to work a minimum of four weeks in one centre, and that mandates longer be offered.

The canadian armed Forces provide for their share to keep the ten military teams, composed of a nurse and six medical technicians, ready to be deployed in case of an emergency after the 26 June.

These 70 members of the FAC represent a fraction of what was requested by the prime minister Legault.

At the height of the crisis, about 1400 military personnel were in 25 institutions of long-term care in Quebec. They have helped to overcome a lack of labour, screaming.

Their mission was to end on 12 June ; it has been extended for two weeks, until Friday 26 June.

Asked about the upcoming transition, on Thursday, the prime minister Justin Trudeau has pointed out that “conversations continue to be extremely positive” with Quebec.

“As I said from the beginning, the federal government is not going to let down the seniors in Quebec. We will be there to help the province to resume (the) control of the situation in NURSING homes “, he said.

His minister of public Safety, Bill Blair, will be in the company of the president and chief executive officer of the canadian Red Cross on Friday, according to our information.

Moreover, as it does in the two weeks, the department of national Defence has updated the number of cases of the COVID-19 in its soldiers who have been deployed in a CHSLD.

In Quebec, dated 24 June, six military officers had symptoms of the disease, 35 others had been healed.

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