Quebec will resume on Monday, reviewing daily cases of coronavirus

The Quebec government will pick up the balance sheet daily the number of people affected and deaths due to the COVID-19, saying have been listening to the criticism.

Quebec had indicated that the data would be now unveiled on a weekly basis, on Thursday. The balance sheet daily will resume eventually as soon as Monday.

The minister of Health and social Services, Christian Dubé, announced on Twitter on Friday, saying that his government has always been transparent, and that it would continue to be so.


Of passage in the eastern Townships, the national director of Quebec public health, Horacio Arruda, made some explanations in reply to questions from journalists.

Mr. Arruda has spoken of a decision “joint” with the minister taking into account of the concerns expressed.

He again argued that there had never been a question of ” hiding information “.

“I don’t have a problem to go back, I don’t entêterai not,” said Mr. Arruda, adding that there had been a more negative reaction than what he expected.

He explained again that the number of cases and losses of life declines, in addition to the fact that deaths are often reported with a little delay.

Mr. Arruda was estimated that there could be weekly reports more ” stable “.

“If people have the impression that their cache of things… We, that we économisait a time of publication, but it is not a problem. The minister comes from the tweeter, we have had discussions today [Friday], it’s going to resume Monday. And if there was something catastrophic by the end of the week, you can be assured that it would come out to give you the information, ” he argued.

The obligation of the mask ” high-analysis “

The large déconfinement that lives in Quebec, Mr. Arruda has spoken of a “new normality” that should not translate into recklessness.

The national director of public health of Quebec is closer in its about an obligation of the port in the cover face, without commitment.

“It is an intention that is heavily analyzed currently. The mandating can sometimes result in perverse consequences “, he, however, said again, referring to people who could not wear it, for ” all sorts of reasons, economic or otherwise.”

“I am of those who believe that there will be a second wave… perhaps It will be mini-waves “, he said.

“We don’t intend to “réarrêter” Quebec, in full. The intention is to go differently, not to miss of equipment, resolve human resources problems, and to intervene very, very quickly. “

But for this, it is necessary to be vigilant, he said.

“I invite you to keep the two meters, wash hands regularly and use the covers-face, it is a habit that when the second wave will arrive,” was first said by the director of public health in her opening statement.

Mr. Arruda has also said that children are “weak transmitters” and his ” little patients “. “This is why we have opened the schools, it went relatively smoothly. The children and teachers were happy to return to work “, he argued.

In response to journalists ‘questions about a possible obligation of wearing a mask, Mr. Arruda said follow the situation” very closely.”

“If it is necessary to get there, we’ll get there,” he said.

“It is clear that the location of the first would be in the public transport but we might need to go above and beyond,” said Mr. Arruda.

Message of caution Alain Poirier in the eastern Townships

At the side of Mr. Arruda during the press conference in Sherbrooke, Dr. Alain Poirier, director of public health of the Estrie region, has noted a statistic calling for caution.

“We compared in may and June the number of contacts per case. There has been an increase. Two contacts per person “respondent” during the great confinement, it is returned to eight contacts significant “, he explained.

Mr. Poirier indicated that the situation in the eastern Townships was ” very quiet for weeks “, with 955 cases as of Thursday.

A person has died a few days ago, bringing the balance sheet at 26 dead.

There was no patient hospitalized currently with the COVID-19 in the region.

“The re-opening goes well, you need not worry, even if it has been almost two months that it reopens in the eastern Townships “, said Mr. Poirier, while calling for better protection in this ” new normal “.

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