Quebec will return to school full-time in the fall [VIDEO]

Le Québec retournera à l’école à temps plein à l’automne [VIDÉO]

Le Québec retournera à l’école à temps plein à l’automne [VIDÉO]

The minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge in Montreal press conference, Tuesday


June 16, 2020 10: 49a.m.

Updated at 13h21


Quebec will return to school full-time in the fall [VIDEO]

Lia Lévesque

The Canadian Press

MONTREAL – Quebec has confirmed on Tuesday the information that had been circulating, namely that the school year will be in September, according to the usual ratios, until 3rd year of secondary school inclusive.

“The school attendance for the autumn becomes compulsory from 6 to 16 years. Unless you have a medical condition that made it very special, the children must attend the school,” recalled the minister of Education and higher Education, Jean-François Roberge, at a press conference in Montreal.

This season’s post-crisis coronavirus will be in a different form in the classes themselves, either by drawing “bubbles”, of sub-groups.

As well, students will be grouped by teams of a maximum of six students, where there will be “no separation required”, specified the minister Roberge.

This “bubble” of six students, valid for students until 3rd year of secondary school, “it is like our brothers and sisters”, highlighted the minister.

Then, the rest of the class will be considered “as an extended family”. “We are still together, we still remain in our local area, we are still in the team. It means that these are the professors who change their local, without exception”, he explained.

The sub-groups within them, will have to keep a distance of one meter in the same class.

And between students and teachers, a distance of two metres is required in general. There may be exceptions, for example for a student in preschool who needs to be comforted, has shown the minister of Education.

End of the secondary

For the 4th and 5th years of the secondary school, where it will be possible to do so, we will keep the same groups as for the younger ones.

The minister has stressed that there will be ‘no wall-to-wall”, it will need to be flexible, given the layout of the place, the staff available and other data to be weighed.

It may, therefore, “that we must allow a hybrid training: it means the time in the classroom and, sometimes, time at home”, he warned.

A minimum of presence has, however, been established: at least a day on two in-class, insisted the minister Roberge.

There will be learning and online work to do at home to complement the training of students who will be in this situation.

College, university, vocational training

For students of college, university and in vocational training, the courses will resume more normally in institutions.

“This is a 1.5 meter distance between students and two feet with the professor,” recalled the minister Roberge.

After discussions with the management of these institutions, the minister had been confident. “We are going to have an attendance as possible of our campus. We know: the life of campus, see our teachers, see our friends, students, it’s part of the experience in higher education. The whole world is mobilized to maximize the presence on the campus by respecting the sanitary measures and the measures of distance.”

The minister of Education of Quebec made an announcement about the back-to-school fall


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