Quebecers are the least worried about a second wave

Les Québécois sont les moins inquiets d’une deuxième vague

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Despite the easing of restrictions, 86% of Canadians say they are concerned by the second wave expected.

It is in Quebec that it is concerned about the least in North America the second wave of coronavirus this fall, according to a study published Thursday by the Network COVID-19 on the social impacts created by the Association for canadian studies (AÉC).

Another study, this one conducted by researchers from the universities of McGill and Toronto, shows that Canadians are showing remarkable solidarity in the face of the virus.

Despite the easing of restrictions, said the investigation of the AÉC, 86 % of Canadians say they are concerned by the second wave expected.

Quebec, with 78 %, is the province that cares the least. Ontario ranked highest, with 91 % of citizens are ” very worried “.

Quebecers are the least likely to say they are “very worried” on the continent, with 32 %, against 55 % for the United States as a whole.

The analysis of the ACS has also showed differences “substantial” in levels of concern between the anglophones and francophones of Québec, 92 % of anglophones had a certain level of concern, compared to 77 % of francophones.

Approximately 46% of the francophones were “quite” or “very” satisfied with the management of the crisis by the government of Quebec, compared to 53 % who said they were dissatisfied.

In addition, women were more worried than men, with a margin of 83 % to 76 %.

The online survey took place from 22 to 24 may 2020 and was conducted with 1510 Canadian and 1005 Americans. The margin of error was approximately 3 %, 19 times out of 20.

Canadian states

The survey carried out by researchers from McGill University and the University of Toronto sheds light on a wide consensus, all stripes together, in the fight against the COVID-19 in Canada.

Contrary to what happens in the United States, a-t-it is indicated by way of a press release, we see here a broad consensus on the threat posed by the pandemic and the measures to be taken to the curb, ” which is essential to the success of the actions against the virus.”

The study was published by the canadian Journal of political science. The researchers evaluated the behavior of Canadians in the face of the COVID-19 in analysing data from social media accounts of mps, search trends on Google and opinion surveys.

They did not identify any member of parliament, from all parties, which would minimize the severity of the pandemic, and found no difference between the groups of supporters in relation to measures of physical separation observed.

There were no differences measurable between participants concerning the perception of the severity of the pandemic, the COVID-19. The majority of people have expressed a certain degree of confidence or very high confidence in the measures taken by the federal government until now.

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