Quebecers strongly support the wearing of masks mandatory in public

Les Québécois appuient fortement le port du masque obligatoire en public

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In the region of Montreal, 80% of respondents to a survey are in favour of the government to make masks compulsory in shops.

The imposition of wearing a mask in public during the pandemic COVID-19 gets a very high rate of support in Quebec.

A survey of SOM-Cogeco unveiled Wednesday, reveals that 89 % of Quebecers would agree with the government if he was wearing a mask mandatory in public transport.

With respect to the obligation to wear the mask in the schools and commercial establishments, the survey conducted this week for the status of regional disparities.

In the region of Montreal, 80 % of respondents are in favour that the government make masks compulsory in shops. This rate drops to 67 % in the Quebec city region and 65 % elsewhere in Québec.

In relation to the port mandatory in schools, the approval rate is 76% in the Montreal region ; it is 59 % in Quebec.

On Tuesday, the port mask has been strongly recommended by the prime minister of Québec, François Legault, who added, however, that he remained an accessory of protection optional.

Moreover, the survey reveals that approximately 50 % of Montrealers said they intend to travel outside of their metropolitan area this summer. However, only 28 % of quebec respondents from the regions were entrusted to be comfortable to accommodate them.

Finally, even if the borders of canada-u.s. had to be reopened to tourists for the next few months, just 9% of Quebecers would have the intention to go to the United States this summer.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents plan to stay at home and do activities in their region.

The survey was conducted online may 11 and 12, with 1100 adults in québec and francophone consists of a probability sample. The maximum margin of error calculated for the total sample is 3.8 %, 19 times out of 20.

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