Raised by Wolves : 3 cool things to know about the series from Ridley Scott with Travis Fimmel (Vikings)

He left the Vikings a while ago, but Travis Fimmel is coming soon and it tells you everything of its new series.

The season 5 of the Vikings is still going on without Travis Fimmel, aka the famous Ragnar Lothbrok, who left the series some time ago already. But for those who do would still not delivered, you will soon be able to review Travis Fimmel in a new series called “Raised by Wolves”. Exit the drama, history, the australian actor will now lead a series of science-fiction and the first cool thing about it is that a first season has already been ordered by TNT that do not want to embarrass a driver. The second good news is that big names are hiding behind the camera.

Raised by Wolves : 3 choses cool ? savoir sur la s?rie de Ridley Scott avec Travis Fimmel (Vikings)

Be back soon !

Raised by Wolves will be produced by Scott Free Productions and will be the first tv series produced by Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner, The Martian, Thelma & Louise…) , which will deal with the first two episodes, while Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners) will be the showrunner and writer. A duo to direct a story pitch already challenging, the third thing rather cool about the series. According to Deadline, Raised by Wolves will tell the story of 2 androids in charge of raising a human children on a planet recently colonized by humans.

Raised by Wolves : 3 choses cool ? savoir sur la s?rie de Ridley Scott avec Travis Fimmel (Vikings)

Ridley Scott launches in the series

Travis Fimmel will play Marcus, which is expected to be an alternative name to that of “Father”, one of the two androids who, with the help of “Mother”, will have to raise the children. The role of “Mother” has not yet been publicly attributed to the time. It is also possible, but less probable, that Marcus is a human, since his role of android has not yet been fully confirmed. In all cases we already know that Ridley Scott knows how to do it with the space and the secrets that hide and we are already looking forward to see the series, which is expected to reach the current 2020 on TNT.