RB Leipzig – Tottenham Hotspur – 3:0 a Chronicle of the match, goals video!

РБ Лейпциг - Тоттенхэм Хотспур - 3:0 Хроника матча, видео голов

In a return match 1/8 the Champions League final was played by the German “RB Leipzig” and the English “Tottenham Hotspur”. The meeting took place in Leipzig at the stadium “Red bull arena”.

“Apostrophe” led online broadcast of the match “RB Leipzig” – “Tottenham Hotspur”.



Goals: Sabitzer, 10; Sabitzer, 21; Forsberg, 87.

RB Leipzig: Gulacsi, Klostermann, Pamakani, Halstenberg, Mukile (Adams, 55), Nkunku (Aydar, 59), Angelina Sabitzer (Forsberg, 87), Laimer, Chic, Werner.

Tottenham Hotspur: Lloris, Aurier (Walcott, 90+1), Alderweireld, Taganga, Manchester UTD’s, Winks, Dyer, Luo Celso (Fernandes, 80), Allie, Lamela, Lucas.

The referee’s final whistle. RB Leipzig was confident Tottenham Hotspur in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League.

90+1. Replacement of the guests. Walcott came on for Aurier.

90. Six minutes added us to the second half.

87. GOOOOOL!!! Then Forsberg scored the third goal. Loris he struck a shot from close range after collecting the ball in the penalty area, “spurs”.

87. Replacement of the owners. Forsberg came out instead of Sabitzer.

85. Taganga caused damage Pamakana, firmly pushing it into its box.

80. Replacement of the guests. Lo Celso left to rest, instead of him appeared on the field Fernandes.

79. In the center of the field is now predominantly a struggle. The owners are not particularly boost events, and guests can not do anything to create at gate of the rival.

74. Alli could have scored. Moura has performed him a pass into the penalty box. Midfielder “spurs” shot, but Gulacy took the ball that was flying at the centre of the goal.

71. Now Sabitzer cautioned for a foul on alli.

70. Immediately a yellow card was awarded and alli.

69. Taganga warned.

64. Without any problems the players of the German club handled the flow of guests from a corner.

59. Another change from the hosts. Nkunku left the field, instead, he went Aydar.

57. Broke the ball off the feet of Chic, who burst into the penalty area was well marshalled and shot.

55. Adams replaced injured teammate.

54. A substitute for the owners. Mukile is injured and probably won’t be able to finish the match.

50. Laimer got the yellow card for a foul on Lamela, which was a counterattack.

49. Lamela lost the fight Pamakana and failed to earn a corner for guests.

46. The second half began.

Break. Rest.

45+1. Winks received a warning for disrupting the attacks of the hosts.

45. Do not barely brought himself spurs third goal. Lloris saved his team, reflecting the ball from a corner after ricochet.

45. Gulacy easily collected the ball after a corner.

41. Is the first shot on target hosts. Lo Celso from the right edge of the penalty area struck, Gulachi the ball rescued.

38. Frankly weak look guests. This game is worth waiting for their defeat.

34. Manchester UTD’s received a warning for rough play.

32. Werner kick from outside the penalty area came above the gate.

29. Lloris parried the blow of Werner, who burst into the penalty area from the right edge.

28. On Allie broke the rules in the middle of the field. The arbitrator until alert is not showing.

25. Mourinho’s team need to score three times, but she created no chances to score.

21. GOOOOOL!!! Sabitzer scored the second goal with a header after a pass of Angelina. Lloris parried the ball behind the goal line.

19. Werner scored, but the referee had rightly fixed his offside.

18. Pamakana interrupted a dangerous cross from Aurier. The corner served the guests.

15. While Tottenham did not respond to a missed ball. RB Leipzig continues to play more with the ball.

10. GOOOOOL!!! Open the account owners. Sabitzer’s shot from outside the penalty area. Lloris tried to save the situation by jumping for the ball, but one of his hands flew from him into the right corner of the goal.

7. Angeleno, punching from outside the box hit the opponent.

4. Twice already managed to foul the hosts. Both violations were in the middle of the field.

1. The match has started.

“Apostrophe” is looking to follow the events of the return match of 1/8 final of the Champions League, between German “RB Leipzig” and the English “Tottenham Hotspur”.

The stadium is ready to host the match.

РБ Лейпциг - Тоттенхэм Хотспур - 3:0 Хроника матча, видео голов

РБ Лейпциг - Тоттенхэм Хотспур - 3:0 Хроника матча, видео голов

РБ Лейпциг - Тоттенхэм Хотспур - 3:0 Хроника матча, видео голов

In the first match the victory with the score 1:0 defeated the German club.

In the group stage of the tournament, Tottenham Hotspur took the second place in group B. the London club played with “Bavaria” (2:7, 1:3), “Olympiakos” (4:2, 2:2) and “red Star” (5:0, 4:0). “RB Leipzig” finished in first place in group G. the Germans met with “Lyon” (0:2, 2:2), “Benfica” (2:2, 2:1) and “Zenith” (2:1, 2:0).


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