Ready for September 2021, Scott’s new school will cost much less than expected

The new elementary school in Scott, Beauce, will start in the summer of 2021 at a cost of $ 14 million, $ 4 million less than expected.
The Beauce Etchemins School Board (CSBE) has published tenders for various professional services (architecture, structure and mechanics / electricity).

The new primary school, which will be built on CSBE-owned land outside the flood zone, will accommodate three preschool groups and 18 primary school groups. The estimated project area is 4,300 m².

In early May, Prime Minister François Legault said he was determined to do everything possible to make the new school be built in less than two years.

“We will speed up the process to build a new school. You know, at the Ministry of Education, I’m told that the quickest is two years, but my goal is to shorten that time, “he said on May 6.

According to the schedule set out in the calls for tenders, the construction works will begin on May 18, 2020, and the new school is expected to be delivered by July 16, 2021.

Sad to have seen his school partially destroyed by the recent floods, a student of Scott, James Paquet, had written a song to the Prime Minister to demand the construction of a new building. Touched, François Legault had agreed with the young elementary student that the building, built in the 30s, “is hard”.

The emergency work that needs to be done at l’Accueil Hospital to correct the damage caused by the floods is estimated at a quarter of a million dollars.

The new school will be a “sustainable” and “scalable” building, according to the calls for tenders.

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