Rebound of the virus in Beijing : the new quarters confined

Rebond du virus à Pékin : de nouveaux quartiers confinés

Rebond du virus à Pékin : de nouveaux quartiers confinés

The temperature controls that were disappearing at the entrance of residential areas and office buildings have made their reappearance in Beijing because of new outbreaks of the COVID-19.


June 15, 2020 8: 27


Rebound of the virus in Beijing : the new quarters confined

Jing Xuan Teng

Agence France-Presse

BEIJING — Beijing is stepping up its efforts Monday to attempt to stop a rebound of the disease COVID-19 in the city where 79 cases related to a market giant have already been identified, leading to further containment of residential areas and additional tests.

The new coronavirus that appeared to be almost eradicated in China, where it appeared the end of 2019 to Wuhan (center). Until a home is found in the capital last week.

As a result, the temperature controls that were disappearing at the entrance of residential areas and office buildings have made their reappearance. And cultural sites, and sports will be closed.

The ministry of Health reported Monday that 49 new cases at the national level. Among them, 36 are linked to the wholesale market Xinfadi in the south of Beijing, fueling fears of a second wave epidemic. This market provides a large share of the supply of the capital.

A top official of the district of Haidian has reported the discovery of people infected on a other wholesale market, one of Yuquandong, in the north-west of the capital. It was guarded on Monday by many police officers and guards, found the AFP.

The authorities have ordered the closure of the place of sale, as well as schools in the area and ordered the confinement of 10 residential areas located in the vicinity, prohibiting the inhabitants to get out.

They could, however, retrieve packages sent by delivery through the access doors.

Among the people who have been in close contact with patients related to the market Yuquandong, some of which have been placed automatically in quarantine. Others will need to be worn at all times “thermometers smart” in order to be able to remotely monitor their temperature.

The sports stadium

The concept of “residential area”, unique to China, is a space of several buildings surrounded by grids or walls, to which access is generally possible only by one or two entries — making containment all the more easy to apply.

Eleven of these districts, which can live thousands of people, had already been confined to the vicinity of the market Xinfadi.

Access to all residential areas of Beijing will be once again forbidden to non-residents, has announced to the press a top official of the city hall.

Beijing has launched since a few days a large screening campaign. It now involves the people who work on the two markets involved, those who live near and those who went there recently.

The AFP reporters have seen Monday, dozens of people wait in front of a stage, waiting to be tested by medical personnel in combination full protection.

Some 200 points of screening have been defined in the capital.

In the Face of the rebound of the virus, several cities in china have advised their citizens to travel to Beijing.

Throughout the city, businesses and neighborhoods have begun to send messages to their staff and residents so that they indicate if they are made in the market, Xinfadi.

Responsible dismissed

The first sanctions policies are also fallen.

The mayor of Beijing has sacked two senior officials of the district of Fengtai, which is located Xinfadi, as well as the director general of the market.

Some shortages of fresh produce, for the time being limited, are also making themselves felt.

The supermarket Xianhui, in the centre of Beijing, several stalls usually loaded with fruits were empty Monday. Employees have explained that they had been removed from the shelves, because they were the market Xinfadi.

A 19 year old female student, who did not wish to reveal his name, said he’ s concerned about the rebound of the epidemic.

“I’m in Beijing for a few days only. But I’m going to go with me,” she confided to AFP.

A total of 177 people are currently living with the disease COVID-19 in China, including two seriously, according to the official figures. This is the highest level since early may.

No death has been reported in the country since mid-may.

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