Recall of swabs chinese

Rappel d’écouvillons chinois

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Last Thursday, the deputy prime minister of Canada, asked by chrystia Freeland, had acknowledged “a problem with the imports [swabs] China.”

A chinese supplier has sold thousands of swabs contaminated in Canada, making it impossible to use them to detect the COVID-19. But they will not go to the trash, learned The Duty : a company of Mirabel has received a contract to sterilize all infected stems.

According to the quebec ministry of Health and social Services (MSSS), a “fungal contamination” has been discovered recently on “many” swabs ” that had been distributed across the province. These have been recalled. They originated from a chinese supplier.

Quebec is not the only one concerned by the defective delivery of these smaller stems which are part of the testing kits of the COVID-19 : “number of provinces have received swabs contaminated with a fungus,” says the DHSS.

Last Thursday, the deputy prime minister of Canada, asked by chrystia Freeland, had acknowledged ” a problem with the imports [swabs] China.” A hospital in Moncton was found on the eve of some 6400 test kits be contaminated. These would be part of a batch of 320 000 kits unusable purchased by the national microbiology Laboratory of Canada and distributed across the country.

It has not been possible to confirm on Monday if the swabs contaminated discovered by Quebec are from the same shipment.

One thing is certain, Ottawa and Quebec city have found a way not to throw the swabs at fault. The company PAMA, specialized in the manufacture of medical supplies personalized, disposable, has obtained a “contract for the sterilization of all the swabs contaminated of Canada,” says the ministry in its response to the Duty (PAMA has not responded to our requests for information).

“Once the sterilization procedure is completed, the swabs will be returned to the field. There has been no loss of swabs ” with the problematic batch, assure-t-on.

Quebec also mentions having circulated last Friday quelque20 000 swabs anywhere in the network. “Several other orders have been made and should arrive regularly in the coming weeks. “

On Monday, the national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, said in a press briefing that there ” was no issue with respect to tests “. In the past few weeks, Quebec had expressed its concern about the stocks of swabs or reagents needed for testing.

Best to check

Quebec is supplied normally with five fournisseursd’swabs. Currently, the federal government, China and an american company (Pharma Rush) provide to the province the bulk of the stocks of the small brush.

The problem of contamination, however, has prompted Quebec ” to conduct audits of the receipts more systematically “, they said. The authorities are also studying alternatives to overcome a potential lack of swabs.

“We look at it currently being a method to matter basis saline which may be injected into one nostril and out the other in order to test the secretions,” writes a spokesperson for the MSSS.

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