Relief in the performing arts

Soulagement dans les arts vivants

Photo: Paul Chiasson, The canadian Press
The minister of Culture and Communications, Nathalie Roy

The living arts be required for a while. They finally received on Wednesday. An exchange with the minister of Culture and Communications, Nathalie Roy. A meeting of fifty-five minutes during which community representatives were able to present the specificities and concerns related to their field. This was followed by a discussion with the director of the firm, Sandy Boutin.

“We have been able to find, face-to-face, with other humans. We have heard the concerns of the minister, and I believe that it has, of course, ours, note with relief the president of the Conseil québécois du theatre (CQT), Anne Trudel. Yes, there are still a lot of work to do. But as long as the dialog is there, this work does not scare me. “

What was scary before : the government’s announcement on 22 may. The one dedicated to the reopening of the libraries, drive-ins and museums, of which the arts had been evacuated. The disappointment, extremely sharp, had been expressed in an open letter carried by ” the group Kemeid “, as they are called friendly Lorraine Pintal. Supported by more than 32, 000 signatures, the letter called For the living arts asked madam minister, please, to share, to listen, to dialogue.

To have a more direct link has helped to calm the ardor

— Mélanie Demers

It is up to the members of this group, composed of the artistic director of the Quat’sous, Olivier Kemeid, therefore, as well as Sylvain Bélanger, Martin Faucher, Brigitte Haentjens, Stéphanie Jasmin, Denis Marleau, Ginette Noiseux and Claude Poissant Nathalie Roy was time Wednesday morning. Joined them Anne Trudel of the CQT and the dancer, performer and choreographer Mélanie Demers.

Lorraine Pintal, was not present at the meeting, but as all in the middle, she was waiting for her outcome. The artistic and general director Théâtre du Nouveau Monde was considered that the recovery plan unveiled by Nathalie Roy on June 1, did not respond to the preliminary recommendations. So many questions were still unanswered… ” What is-what we’re doing with the next season ? What will happen with the contracts signed with actors, artists, designers, authors ? And who is going to compensate for these job losses ? “

There was also, of course, the question of the digital, and of these famous recordings suggested repeatedly by the department. A process that threatens to undermine the support and experience that is assumed of the art living. “It was this discontent,” said Lorraine Pintal. It is not that we boudions new money, not at all. It is simply that we wanted to have more details. Even if I know that the devil lies in the details ! “

These details have not all been clarified during the meeting, note Mélanie Demers, the only professional dance that was present. “But it moves ! To have a more direct link has helped to calm the ardor. “


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Fog to dissipate

Remember, 400 million, of which $ 250 million of cash charges, which were announced on the 1st of June. Of this, an envelope of 50.9 million was destined for the circus, theatre, and dance. A certain vagueness remained, however, and remains still, adds Anne Trudel.

“In particular, with respect to contracts and commitments for the fall “. As in regards to the walk ” to follow for the mounting of seasons alternatives.”

There is also the issue of these $ 6.5 million, designed to both scholarships and an emergency fund for artists ” in extreme situations “, that is of concern. In particular, because the Fund must be administered by the Union of artists and the Guild of musicians and musicians from Quebec. “We have proposed to the minister to open the door to these programs for artists who are not members of the UDA and the Guild “, says Anne Trudel. The answer is still to come.

One of the best news to note, according to the president of the CQT, that is the question places. Of course, ” we are still waiting for the guide to health (the CNESST). But it feels a opening to allow us to reclaim our spaces, our offices, our rehearsal halls. “

And this opening, it means a lot. “Not everything is frozen. The dialogue will always be our best ally. “

Of subsequent meetings with the ministry of Culture and Communication should follow. The dates have not yet been confirmed.

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