Rent assistance: the field of restoration calls for changes


June 30, 2020 18: 44


Rent assistance: the field of restoration calls for changes

Catherine Lévesque

The canadian Press

OTTAWA — The promise of extending one-month emergency Assistance Canada for rent commercial (AUCLC) has been greeted with a shrug by the middle of the restoration that does not find its account.

“This is not because people do not want to take advantage of it, it is because the program has multiple deficiencies”, drops David Lefebvre, a spokeswoman for Restaurants Canada, an association that represents 30,000 members across the country.

First, the program is designed in such a way that the owner of a commercial building must submit an application for its tenants. Then, the eligibility criteria require that small businesses have on average lost 70 % of their income.

Mr. Lefebvre believes that these criteria are too rigid for the restaurateurs in the country who have stepped up efforts in full pandemic in order to make sales, or orders for take-out or selling of alcohol, of private import, for example.

“There are who regret having reopened because they no longer have subsidies, because it is poorly adapted. This is a bit of a shame, honestly. This is not the kind of thing we like to hear,” said the spokesman of Restaurants Canada.

In making its announcement Monday, the prime minister Justin Trudeau has expressed the wish that “the programs are tailored to the needs and realities of the people” and suggested that it might be of help to owners who have cash-flow problems.

According to Mr. Lefebvre, the time press. According to a recent survey of its members, 10 % of them would have already put the key under the door, and about 20 % say that they will close their doors if nothing is done to change the aid programs of the government.

The restaurant owners are asking that the eligibility thresholds to the AUCLC to be more flexible in order to allow a greater number to benefit from it, but also that tenants are able to present themselves in an application, without passing by their owner.

And since commercial leases are under provincial jurisdiction, there is not that Ottawa is to blame. Mr. Lefebvre urges the federal government, the provinces and territories to agree quickly to extend the program and change the criteria.

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