Report of the olympic Games: costs still unknown

Report des Jeux olympiques: des coûts toujours inconnus

Report des Jeux olympiques: des coûts toujours inconnus


May 16, 2020 16h34


Report of the olympic Games: costs still unknown

Stephen Wade

Associated Press

TOKYO — Almost two months after the report of the Tokyo olympic Games, the president-director general of the organizing committee was not able, on Friday, to predict the cost that begat the one-year period.

The figures published in the japanese media speak of a gap that could range between $ 2 billion and $ 6 billion. The increased spending would probably be assumed by government entities.

Even if he has been unclear on the magnitude of costs and who will pay for them, mr. Toshiro Muto has been clear to another topic during a press conference held online.

“The Games that will be presented in one year may be different from the olympic and paralympic Games that people are used to seeing”, he advanced in a statement made in japanese and translated by an interpreter.

Muto has pioneered ideas of restrictions that would affect all levels, although the single target which he talked about specifically is the relay of the olympic flame.

“We look in all areas possible, there is to know. This is the time for each of us to revisit what are the essential aspects for Games. What are the items essential? I think we could come up with new olympic and paralympic Games, something unique to Tokyo.”

The future of the olympic Games in Tokyo, there are even more questions than answers.

How to 11 000 olympic athletes and 4,000 paralympic athletes will be housed in the Village, which will be reserved? Are the facilities close will be safe? How are they going to travel up to Tokyo. How will they train and qualify? And that will happen to thousands of other people in the staff and the group of officials?

Will there be spectators or will there be a show for the tv only? What to do with the millions of tickets already sold? Will there be refunds? Is it that a vaccine will be available? Is it that young, healthy athletes will have priority for a vaccine?

Muto spoke a day after the IOC had recognized that the postponement of the Games will cost 800 million US$. The IOC has made it known that a sum of US $ 150 million will be made available for ready for the national olympic Committees and sports federations, some of which have few sources of income outside of the Games.

But the IOC did not say what would be dedicated the $ 650-million US remaining.

Muto said that he was unaware also. Or, at the very least, he said nothing.

“With respect to the distribution of this sum of money, the IOC said it is too early to say, said Muto. Therefore, we, the organizing committee, we have no idea of the details surrounding how this money will be spent.”

A sharp rise in expenditure related to the olympic Games will certainly be a delicate subject in Japan, like most countries, is facing a deep recession created by the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

The japanese organisers and the government agencies are required, by virtue of a contract of host city was signed in 2013, to assume the most of the olympic spending. When they are entrusted with the organisation of the Games, seven years ago, the authorities of the city of Tokyo had announced that the Games would cost them a little more than $7 billion.

Tokyo says it is now spending 12.6 billion $ to organize the Games, but a report from a government audit last year, was an amount two times higher.

With the exception of a sum of $ 5.6 billion, all of these costs will come from public funds.

Moreover, Muto said that the organizers are still trying to ensure that 43 sites will be available next year, in the hope they maintain the same schedule of competitions during the opening of the Games on 23 July 2021.

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