Report Viber: men calling, and women write

Отчет Viber: мужчины звонят, а женщины пишут

Отчет Viber: мужчины звонят, а женщины пишут

The Viber app has summed up year and described the behaviors of Ukrainian users messenger.

It’s used by 97% of smartphone owners in Ukraine. Viber Ukrainians prefer calls: 54% of users choose to call source, and 46% — write. While men choose calls more often than women. About 57% of the men surveyed believe that it is better to call the interlocutors. While half of women surveyed choose to write a message. On average, 28% of Ukrainians call more than 10 times a day. And the other half is more than 10 times a day write messages.

Отчет Viber: мужчины звонят, а женщины пишут

Younger users prefer messages rather than calls. Most actively writing messages in messenger users aged 18 to 25 years — about two thirds of respondents send more than 10 messages a day. The majority of users under the age of 18 years only call up to 3 times a day, when a third user over the age of 25 make 10 or more calls during the day.

Viber the study revealed that Emoji and stickers are more significant for men than for women. Their absence was recognized as a cause for resentment almost 10% of men and 5% women. Emoticons are important for youth: chat without stickers and Emoji upset every tenth user aged 18 to 25 years.

The study also found that in intoxicated ex-lover sending messages 34% of Ukrainians. More inclined towards online communication with former men. Thus, about 40% of Ukrainian said that he would like to have the option to disable Viber in a state of alcoholic intoxication, at the same time, about a third of respondents ironically noted that such a function already exists — their brain.

If we talk about the message, one message, messengers may not be enough and loved ones should call — so says a third of all respondents. The number of the respondents are almost equally divided into those who like to congratulate the family and for those who prefer to write a message and call.

It is noted that the function of delete messages used every third Ukrainian, and regularly deletes the message for all, almost every fifth user. Women are more likely to brush their correspondence. The study also showed that such a function is more popular among Ukrainian women from 25 to 40 years.

Viber app for calling and messaging. In 2018 he became the most popular app in the Ukraine.

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