Researchers are studying the effects of the COVID-19 on pregnancy

Des chercheurs étudient les effets de la COVID-19 sur les grossesses

Des chercheurs étudient les effets de la COVID-19 sur les grossesses

A group of doctors and researchers from the University of British Columbia are studying the impact of the COVID-19 in pregnant women.


June 13, 2020 10h38


Researchers are studying the effects of the COVID-19 on pregnancy

Brenna Owen

The canadian Press

VANCOUVER — The clinicians and the epidemiologists don’t yet know if the COVID-19 effects on pregnancy, recognizes the head of a national network recently established to fill these gaps.

“We have reviewed the literature and found a quantity really limited information, of course, at the beginning, from China and a little more Europe”, said Dr. Deborah Money, of the faculty of medicine of the University of British Columbia.

This information was a great variety and contradicted. “Preaching pretty awful about what could happen up to readings more benign,” says this specialist in infectious diseases related to reproduction.

Dr. Money leads a group of doctors and researchers who study the impact of the COVID-19 in pregnant women.

She is said to have obtained the collaboration of all provinces and territories to collect data.

“We really hope to get data of each pregnant woman who contracted the COVID-19, regardless of the time it has been reached by the virus. We want data for all the evolution of the pandemic,” says Dr. Money.

The researchers focus on variables such as the age of the mother, the age of the fetus, the severity of the infection and if the mother had to be hospitalized or sent to the intensive care unit. They also examine what happens during the birth and if the mother chooses to breastfeed, as well as the weight of the newborn, ” she adds.

Some colleagues of Dr. Money explore the experiences of pregnant women during their pregnancy for the entire duration of the pandemic, that they have contracted the disease or not.

The professor also sits on the committee of infectious diseases Society of obstetricians and gynaecologists of Canada, whose members work to provide guidelines for pregnant women and new parents during the pandemic.

Dr. Money reported that clinicians in canada have adopted a different approach from that of their counterparts in the chinese and americans in regard to deliveries and postnatal care.

“We have not done what other places have done, that is to say, separate the baby if the mother has contracted the COVID-19”, she says.

Canadian physicians, based on the lessons learned during the crises of SARS and H1N1, prefer bonding together. The new-born babies and mothers affected by the COVID-19 are generally kept together, except in the most serious cases.

Dr. Money said that the advantages of allowing the contact between the mother and her baby are numerous, provided that the parents wear a mask and strictly abide by a range of precautions.

The probability of transmission through breast milk is almost zero, does it.

She advises mothers with mild symptoms, not to cuddle or sit with their baby when they are not breast-feeding. It is also recommended to wash hands often.

“We have not seen a high transmission rates in this context. Therefore, if one is super careful, it seems reasonably safe.”

Previous research has indicated that the virus transmitting respiratory diseases do not cross the placenta and do not cause infection in the fetus.

Other research is underway, but the clinicians believe that this is also the case for the new coronavirus.

“The babies, for the most part, seem to be going well, said Dr. Money. We are in the early days and we need to add some caution to this subject until we follow most of these infants in the longer term. But overall, we are very reassuring.”

However, she acknowledges that if the pregnant woman became seriously affected by the COVID-19 and end up in intensive care, this could harm the fetus.

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