Residential Construction post-COVID-19: problems identified in the materials

Construction résidentielle post-COVID-19: problèmes décelés dans des matériaux

Construction résidentielle post-COVID-19: problèmes décelés dans des matériaux


May 5, 2020 10h54

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Residential Construction post-COVID-19: problems identified in the materials

Lia Lévesque

The Canadian Press

MONTREAL — Since the resumption of residential construction projects, on April 20, problems serious enough to have been seen in 128 housing units that were to be delivered by 31 July.

These are the visits express performed by coverage of residential construction, the agency that administers the guarantee plan for new homes, which have revealed these “elements of concern”.

DGC has visited 3745 dwelling units in several regions of Quebec, during the weeks of 20 and 27 April, to check on the status of sites and materials that had been subjected to weathering for a month, after the closure of the shipyards, because of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

A dwelling unit may be a single-family home, a paired, a row house or a condominium in a small building.

Panels deformed, water leakage

Among the main problems which have been recognized, there are panels of plywood, on which the floor must be installed, which had been deformed after having been subjected to weathering for a month.

It was the same for other building materials, such as 2 X 4 walls and prefabricated.

GCR has also found water seeping in the interiors of some buildings.

Such problems, if they had not been detected in time, could result in the proliferation of mold.

“This was our biggest fear,” said in an interview Tuesday, François-William Simard, vice-president communications and relationships with partners to Guarantee residential construction.

It was pointed out that these visits were made without notice. And there has been no obstruction on the part of entrepreneurs. “The goal was not to surprise them. This was not done either in the optical to blame things on the entrepreneurs.”

He also reminded that the majority of these visits were not inspections, per se, since those last two hours — showed no problem.

“We are satisfied because a substantial majority of the contractors have done their duty”, even if they have had to close their site fairly quickly, on the order of the government.

After these visits express, Warranty of residential construction will be further inspections in order to ensure that the required fixes have been made, added Mr. Simard. These second visits have started this week.

“We’re not going to look at only the elements which have been the subject of concerns, but all of the construction. If it were necessary to replace materials, we will ensure that it has been done. If you need to re-open the walls, we’re going to do,” said Mr. Simard.

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