Residents of Cuba will be able to fully use 3G mobile Internet

Жители Кубы смогут полноценно пользоваться мобильным 3G-интернетом

Cuban on Thursday, December 6, will be able to get full mobile Internet access on 3G technology. Still the country’s 3G network used only the foreigners and the citizens of Cuba had access through mobile phones only to public e-mail from public Wi-Fi hotspots,

According to the Associated Press, Cuba remains a state with one of the lowest levels of Internet penetration in the world: home wired Internet is available in the country only in 2017. The new service will cost roughly 10 cents per megabyte for mobile Internet, but there are ready packages – 500 MB for $7 or 4 gigabytes for $30. Package of 4GB at a cost comparable to the average salary of a Cuban: it is $20–$30 per month.

Unlike North Korea, where citizens of the Internet is actually censored Ethernet, Cuba will not block content, with the exception of the anti-Communist sites in Florida and other resources, calling for regime change on the island.

We will remind, South Korean Samsung showed a new Galaxy smartphone J2 Pro without connecting to the Internet.

Meanwhile, one of the Ukrainian mobile operators gave all its subscribers unlimited use of the Internet in the 4G network. However, for the connection to 2G and 3G network, will continue to be charged.

Earlier, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman has instructed the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in the sphere of communication and Informatization, to check the Ukrainian mobile operators to provide high-quality 3G connection.