Resignation of the president of the Federation of women

Démission de la présidente de la Fédération des femmes

Photo: Ryan Remiorz, The canadian Press
Gabrielle Bouchard was the first trans woman to hold the position of president of the Fédération des femmes du Québec.

The president of the Fédération des femmes du Québec (FFQ), Gabrielle Bouchard, has handed in his resignation.

The announcement was made to members on Tuesday, in the newsletter of the organism, but the resignation is effective since Friday, according to the organization.

The newsletter contains a brief message in which Ms. Bouchard said that” after careful consideration, I decided to put an end to my term as president of the FFQ “.

She adds that” together, we will advance the cause of women in Quebec and in Canada, and I am sure that this important work, you will continue for a long time. The FFQ is in good hands with strong women in the team and to the board of directors. “

According to the information obtained by The canadian Press, this departure is not, however, occurred in circumstances serene. Ms. Bouchard has not, however, could not be reached for comment.

Tweets provocative

Last January, the president had caused yet another storm on social media with a tweet saying that ” the relations of the heterosexual couple are really violent. In addition, the majority of which are relationships based on religion. It may be time to have a conversation on their prohibition and elimination “.

Gabrielle Bouchard was later admitted to have “gone too far” and have been “awkward” by issuing these remarks and was quick to clarify that she was speaking not on behalf of the Federation, but in his personal name. This controversy signaled the beginning of a distance in public between the Federation and its president.

The FFQ was indeed dissociated from these remarks, writing on the Twitter account of the organization ” the Federation of women of Québec, of its board of directors, its team and its members do not endorse these remarks that have been issued in its own name and not on behalf of the organization “.

The controversy was the latest in a series of statements bad of the president.

In November, Gabrielle Bouchard had promoted the wearing of the veil in a different output on the platform Twitter, while wearing a sweater in cotton fleece by the member supportive of Taschereau, Catherine Dorion, the national Assembly had caused a certain debate. The president of the Federation had stated that ” the cotton fleece, it is cute… but the veil, that is really badass. Next Tuesday, wear the veil “.

A few months earlier, in June, Ms. Bouchard had issued another tweet untimely, claiming later to have voluntarily wanted to make a provocation. She had written that” we should discuss the vasectomy compulsory to 18 years of age “, triggering also a virulent reaction on the social networks.

The Federation had endorsed this time, saying he wanted to respond ” to the recent attacks against the right to abortion of women here and elsewhere “, arguing that the issues relating to the rights of men gave rise to “the polemics futile” while the questioning of the rights of women there was not much public response.

The election of Gabrielle Bouchard in November 2017, the first trans woman to hold this position, had not gone unnoticed. It is presented as the one who wanted to defend themselves more especially those who are marginalized, such as women with disabilities, aboriginal peoples, or issues of sexual diversity.

Internal Tensions

For the past few years, the FFQ must deal with significant divisions within it, divisions that have been highlighted by a vigorous debate around controversial issues, including those of the port of the islamic veil and the recognition of the legitimacy of sex work. The input according to Gabrielle Bouchard testified to these internal struggles, the new president being representative and holder of the refocusing of the Federation to intersectionality.

For its part, the Federation of women welcomes its passage, by saying that ” the chairmanship of Ms. Bouchard has been marked by courageous political positions, as well as a craze marked a new generation of feminists. During the past few years, the FFQ has expanded its ranks and received a record number of new members individual of all walks of life. “

“Well before his election to the presidency of the Federation in November 2017, Gabrielle was already known for his defence of human rights. With its increasing visibility, it has become a symbol for the rallying strong for the groups that have been historically under-represented in the major institutions of the feminist movement in quebec, ” continues the newsletter.

However, the approaches proposed by the Federation for the “suite of things” bear witness of internal tensions. We can read, inter alia, that ” the FFQ needs to be addressed in the coming months on its modes of operation, its governance and its structures, but this does not exclude a reflection on its statutes and regulations, the role of the presidency and the functioning of the porte-parolat “.

The board of directors invites the members to participate in a steering committee to this effect in order to begin work by the next annual general meeting, to be held from 25 to 27 September.

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