Restaurants “offenders”: what are the consequences?

Restaurants «délinquants»: quelles sont les conséquences?

Restaurants «délinquants»: quelles sont les conséquences?


July 4, 2020 9h26

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Restaurants “offenders”: what are the consequences?

Restaurants «délinquants»: quelles sont les conséquences?

Restaurants «délinquants»: quelles sont les conséquences?

Judith Desmeules

The Sun

Many people have noticed it; not all the restaurants and shops that follow the guidelines of the public health.

Servers without a mask or tables close to each other… A malaise settles among several people when we notice such big details. The majority of restaurants adhere to the guidelines of the public health, but a few are showing “offenders”.

“Retailers in general and restaurants in particular can once again use their facilities, but in the respect of safety instructions in public health. We rely on the public spiritedness, diligence, and thoroughness of all to contain the pandemic”, stated the spokesperson of the CIUSSS of the Capitale-Nationale, Mathieu Boivin.

The restaurant Conti Caffé in Old Quebec is part of the “offenders”. A video released Thursday evening quickly became viral on Facebook, it showed the room full of people. People seemed to be crammed, no mask on the horizon. It is the former presenter of tv Josée Turmel, who has made the video public, putting forward the decision of the owners to open the restaurant to “normal”.

“We remove the masks and visors, the COVID is finished!”, lance-t-on in the video.

The owner of the restaurant is Mathieu Pettigrew.

The video has to react, a lot of people, some speaking out on the situation, others encouraged the decision. The owner of Mega Gym Dan Marino was also present, who had opened his fitness center without the official permission of the public health.

“The public Health strongly condemns any behaviour that does not comply with the sanitary rules in force and endangering the population. Follow the sanitary rules for establishments of restoration, it is to respect and protect the clients who put their trust in their businesses,” says Mathieu Boivin of the CIUSSS.

The video of Conti has been removed from the social networks on Friday in the day, at the request of the restaurant. The team has not responded to our interview request

According to information obtained by The Sun, police are taking place during their evening, the result of denunciations. Since Thursday, comments poured in on the page Facebook of the restaurant, the users condemn such behaviour “conspiracy” of the people involved.

“The loss of control, which is the more to be feared is the spread of the virus itself, that this kind of behavior promotes,” adds Mathieu Boivin.

Legal powers of coercion

At the present time, the regional Director of public health may order the support police of any person bearing the COVID-19 for refusing to comply with the obligations of containment. However, it does not have the power to fine businesses that do not comply with the safety instructions.

“However, three entities have statutory powers of coercion to interfere with an institution which would compromise the safety of its employees and its customers,” says Mr. Boivin.

According to the public health, the CNESST has the power to issue a notice of derogation concerning the safety of employees, this gives a short period of time the company to comply. The MAPAQ may also be present without warning to inspect the premises and verify the safety of the areas of cuisine and methods of preparation of the food.

“The police can also intervene and implement the appropriate strategy for addressing risk behaviours. A restaurant, for example, could see his dining room evacuated during the session, as needed”, concludes the spokesperson for the CIUSSS.

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