Restrictions eased for a large number of tourist destinations

Restrictions assouplies pour un grand nombre de destinations touristiques

Photo: Tobias Schwarz Agence France-Presse
About half of all of the destinations that have relaxed the restrictions can be found in Europe. On the photo, the airport Berlin

The number of destinations opening up to tourism has been increasing slowly since the trough of the crisis. Thus, 40 % of them have relaxed their restrictions.

According to the follow-up of the world tourism Organization (UNWTO), 40 % or 87 destinations had eased restrictions on travel, compared to 22% on 15 June and 3% on 15 may. This progression, ” confirms the trend of an adaptation of the slow but continuous and to reboot the responsible of the international tourism “, said the specialized Agency of the united Nations.

Of these 87 destinations, only 4 have completely lifted all restrictions, while others have maintained certain measures such as the partial closure of the borders. At the other end, 115 destinations, or 53 % of all destinations in the world, they continue to keep their borders completely closed to tourism.

It goes without saying that the destinations heavily dependent on tourism are more likely to relax the travel restrictions. Out of the 87 destinations, having done so since the depths of the pandemic, 20 are small island developing States, many of whom depend on tourism as a central pillar of the employment, the economic growth and development. But the report also shows that ” about half (41) of all of the destinations that have relaxed the restrictions can be found in Europe, confirming the leading role of the region for the start-up responsible tourism “.

The UNWTO added that among the 115 destinations now have their borders completely closed to international tourism, a majority (88) the fact that for more than 12 weeks. “The cost of the travel restrictions introduced in response to the COVID-19 has historical dimensions. “The OMT was this week that at the end of the month of may already, the pandemic had led to a loss of 320 billion dollars in revenue, is already three times the cost of the global economic crisis of 2008-2009.

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