Return of team sport, soon to be without shoes Patof [VIDEO]

Retour du sport d’équipe, bientôt sans souliers de Patof [VIDÉO]

Retour du sport d’équipe, bientôt sans souliers de Patof [VIDÉO]

The minister for Education and responsible for status of women, Isabelle Charest


June 4, 2020

Updated June 5, 2020 at 8h06


Return of team sport, soon to be without shoes Patof [VIDEO]

Retour du sport d’équipe, bientôt sans souliers de Patof [VIDÉO]

Retour du sport d’équipe, bientôt sans souliers de Patof [VIDÉO]

Olivier Bossé

The Sun

The sports teams will find the outdoor courts on Monday, the 8th of June. And then at the end of June, the government Legault provides that will play real baseball games, and soccer. “The rules will evolve. Think of having the quick contacts between the players, it’s going to be possible”, says the prime minister.

This new phase of the déconfinement sports, was announced Thursday, during the usual press briefing of 13 h of François Legault. He was accompanied by the minister for Education responsible for sports, Isabelle Charest, and the faithful, the national director of public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda.

The word order was first to the caution. The minister Charest repeated the words adaptation, adaptable and adapted again and again. To make it clear that “sport, as we knew, it is necessary to re-imagine”. By the end of June, Ms. Charest spoke of a”match”

For his part, Dr. Arruda has evoked a new version of the soccer, for example, that he called “the soccer covid”, where the rules could be modified.

Finished, the 2 m?

Then the man of science was the first to open the door on the idea of “return to normal, if ever it is adhered to the greatest degree possible.”

Dr. Arruda has even hypothesized that the spacing of the individual, of two metres, a setpoint always takes priority for players over the first few weeks reserved for training, can be reduced to one meter or even disappear. Given the low transmission rates found in children and the fact that a small group that meets often, as a team, could soon be considered a family.

A journalist had asked how they could play soccer while respecting the distancing, suggesting in jest the idea of wearing shoes of Patof the clown, the players.

“There is no question that you put in the shoes of Patof for children, because it would be a risk of injury if enfargeant in the shoes,” replied Dr. Arruda, continuing the joke.

The prime minister Legault then took the ball to the leap to let go a little more ballast.

“I played tennis last Sunday, and it went well, with my guy. I do not remember to have had shoes Patof, in any case. Now, the rules will evolve. As the saying in the Dr Arruda, one can think of being able to have contacts, but fast, between the players, it’s going to be possible. In any case, we hope, at the end of the month of June. We hope to see the hockey in the month of August. Therefore, it is sure that in hockey, you will need to have a little bit of contacts. […] The guidelines will evolve. For the moment, it is training. But I understand very well that we can’t imagine a lot of sports without contacts”, said Mr. Legault.

The prime minister has even added a layer about professional sports, by saying “having a good hope of seeing the Capitals [of Quebec, baseball], to see the Impact [of Montreal, soccer] then to see the Canadian [Montreal, hockey], in the next few months, play real games”.

If, for the moment, all is still outside, you may believe that arenas, stadiums and interior, and other local sports will resume gradually.

View of the bleachers

While the practice of individual sports had already begun a solo, she is now able to be supervised by a coach, outside, also effective June 8.

The pools already had their date of déconfinement, depending on the region. The minister Charest said Thursday the private pools open to the public, such as in campgrounds, that may reopen also on 8 June.

Ms. Charest, who wore a mask bearing the likeness of Baseball Québec, claims to have received a thirty return protocols submitted by all the sports federations in the province.

Remains to be seen what we will make of the spectators.

“The children will benefit a lot of friends [teammates], and it is happening from next Monday. The physical benefits also will be present. We want the children to be active, even if it is not the same. Then it is also good for the parents! It may be that this will not be as pleasing to look at [as a game], the grandstand, but for the children, they will reap enormous benefits”, says dr. Charest.

Soon 5000 dead

The death toll and cases of COVID-19 in Quebec continues to climb, even if Mr. Legault does not more expressly mention in its press briefings for two weeks.

Thursday, the public Health has reported 91 deaths, bringing the total of victims in quebec of the coronavirus 4885. Of these 91, 26 have died of the disease in the previous 24 hours. The 65 other deaths go back to the previous weeks, up to as far as 8 April.

Rest that Montreal has surpassed the mark of 3000 deaths from the COVID-19 on its territory, with the 3016.

The update of these data is done in slow motion. Declarations of death are made sometimes by fax or even by mail in some places. A system qualified as”archaic” by the prime minister himself, who admits to having some anger about the past three months.

Problem that public Health wants to solve within a week, using a new build system computerized which would take at worst a few days of delay in the count, for human reasons.

These people are still dead COVID-19. The psychological threshold of 5000 deaths is expected to be reached in the next few days, if it has not already been we do not know.

In the column of cases detected, one remains under the 300 per day since Monday, this time with 259 new cases.

The cases considered active, are declining for a third day, with 29 922, passing under the bar of 30 000 after the summit, may 29-30 142.

Outside of Montreal, Laval and surrounding areas, the number of new cases daily by 100 000 inhabitants has decreased to a, for the first time since march 21. Montreal, Laval and their surrounding are four new cases daily by 100 000 inhabitants.

The number of patients hospitalized, 1076, and those who are in the intensive care, 146, continue their slow descent assiduous.

To DISCOVER : the detailed map of The Covid-19 prepared by Benoît Lalonde, head of practical work and research in the Department of geography, and Stéfano Biondo, cartothécaire at the Centre GéoStat of the Library, Université Laval


Retour du sport d’équipe, bientôt sans souliers de Patof [VIDÉO]

Update 4 June

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COVID-19: press conference of Francois Legault from 4 June


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