Return to the national Assembly on the bottom of pandemic

Retour à l’Assemblée nationale sur fond de pandémie

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This morning took place in the first period of questions and answers to the national Assembly since the beginning of the state of public health emergency.

Marco Bélair-Cirino and

Mylène Crête

12: 22 a.m.

  • Quebec

The opposition parties are demanding details about the government’s plan for the re-opening of the economy.

Situation in NURSING homes, number of tests, plan of déconfinement and reopening of schools, mask mandatory… the deputies of The three opposition parties have spurred the government Legault on its management of the crisis caused the pandemic on Wednesday when they return to the national Assembly. It was the first period of questions and answers since the beginning of the state of public health emergency.

The new leader of the official opposition, Dominique Anglade, took care of the ” salute the exemplary work of the government and its prime minister in the framework of the management of the crisis “. “The government has been able to find the right words to reassure Quebecers, and Quebecers have responded in solidarity, in discipline, and with empathy also. I would also like to acknowledge the work of all the staff of the health system “, she said during her first intervention.

The mp for montreal, has subsequently asked the government leader François Legault why some 60 % of people who died of the COVID-19 were in quebec. “3113 people who died in Quebec, it is the equivalent of the municipality of Saint-Tite “, has shown Ms. Anglade inside the blue Room of the Parliament building.

The Quebec flag was at half-mast in memory of the victims of the pandemic. “Roughly 90 % of the deaths come from the homes of long-term care. Well, unfortunately, for all sorts of reasons, québec society has chosen to have three times more people, proportionately, in centres of long-term care. Unfortunately, over the past several years, we were short-staffed, ” replied Mr. Legault, the leader of the liberal party.

The parliamentary leader of Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, welcomed the ” déconfinement of democracy “. To ensure compliance with the rules of social distancing, only 37 elected officials could be present at the same time in the blue Room during each of the two parts of 45 minutes of question period. To get there, the desks have been removed in the Hall of the national Assembly, the water bottles were handed out to the members present, avoiding the comings and goings of pages between the rows…

Shadow areas

The chamber of the national Assembly can revive again only the week of may 25, thanks to a reduced number of mps. The elected officials pledged to investigate as a priority a few bills including the draft law amending the Law on the public trustee (18) and the draft Law amending the governance of the fight against climate change and promoting electrification (44). By then, deputies will be able to question members of the Council of ministers at the parliamentary committees virtual.

Many grey areas remain on the government’s plan that the co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire, Manon Massé, hopes to clarify. “The question periods, we will use them to understand what is the plan of the prime minister of the CAQ for lifted Quebec out of the crisis, not to déconfiner Quebec, to take out the Quebec city crisis, the Quebec,” she said of the entry game during a media scrum held in the great room is the red Room so that journalists can meet the recommended distance to avoid any contagion of the sars coronavirus.

“What is it, the curves that will allow us to say : here, this is the time, she later added. So, currently, me, what I see behind it, it is a political decision. “

The parliamentary chief of the Parti québécois, Pascal Bérubé, also wondered if the policy of the government was actually motivated by public health. “I would like to be able to judge, he replied when a journalist asked him if the government Legault was unwise. What is the public health, that is-what is the policy ? I don’t know, and, until now, has never been able to find out if there were differences of partial or of public health importance with respect to governmental decisions. “

He gave the example of the director of public health of the province of Ontario, who has expressed reservations publicly about the plan déconfinement presented by the government of Doug Ford, in contrast to the national director of public health of Quebec, Horadio Arruda. “I guess you have to take the word of the prime minister [Legault], which says that in all circumstances, all steps have been followed. But you like me, we don’t know, it’s done behind closed doors. “Questioned by a reporter on the independence of the Dr Arruda, he said the wish.

“I like to believe, he added later. It is important not to deviate, there are 3,000 deaths in Quebec. It inhabits all the world. 3000 deaths, 3000 deaths, 3000 events terrible for the families and for their loved ones, people who die in horrific conditions, alone, away from their loved ones, it should all the time be it that you have in your head. “

The corridors of the Parliament building where trônaient a few bottles of hand sanitizer were almost empty, in contrast with the activity that animated them before the start of the pandemic. Pellets affixed to the ground indicated to the few employees who ventured how to move to avoid the spread of the COVID-19.

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