Revealed the secret of success Svetlana Loboda

Раскрыт секрет успеха Светланы Лободы

Producer Loboda Natella Krapivina openly talked about the “nuances” robots with the singer and the conflicts on the way to glory.

Producer Loboda Natella Krapivina gave a Frank interview for the YouTube channel “Empathy Manouche”. She told me how “did Loboda” what’s the secret to the success of her trust. Without conflict with stubborn and wayward artist has not done.

Success Svetlana Loboda in show business Natella Krapivina said honored and obvious.

“Light never was a “Zaporozhets” it was Mercedes, but she couldn’t look at myself and needed those people who told her, because before that it prompted not the same. She couldn’t move away from the image that’s been thrust upon her Badoev and the company,” added Krapivina.

Krapivina denies that “made Loboda”. It was only able to find in singer, the “flavor” and sent in the right direction.

Many believe Svetlana Loboda haughty and arrogant. Natella, on the contrary, sees it as a very sensitive, responsive and kind person. The producer does not skimp on compliments for the actress and thinks her almost-sister. However, in their creative tandem happen quarrel.

“The team Queen should always be one. We were on the verge of breaking up, because sometimes it is unbearably difficult to constantly comply with and to be a support. This does not happen in the absolute division success, though Light is a generous actor who knows how to share,” admitted Krapivina.

Today Svetlana Loboda is one of the most popular singers in the CIS. This certainly has merit, the competent work of the producer. Natella Krapivina it helped the artist to become really popular. They have such hits as “Your eyes,” “down with love”, “Guy” writes