Revival of the factory of Cargill: the union manifesto

Relance de l’usine Cargill: le syndicat manifeste

Photo: Jeff McIntosh, The canadian Press
The factory of Cargill in High River, south of Calgary, had closed its doors on 20 April.

A major slaughterhouse in southern Alberta has re-opened its doors two weeks after having stopped its operation temporarily due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

A massive queue of cars and buses appeared at the entrance of the factory of Cargill in High River, south of Calgary, which had closed its doors on 20 April. The union that represents the workers organised a demonstration near the field of slaughter, and distributed masks with the inscription “ Safety First ” (” safety first “) to those who had need.

There were more than 900 diagnoses of COVID-19 and one death attributed to the novel coronavirus among the 2000 workers of the slaughterhouse.

The union is campaigning for a work stoppage to Cargill, since it considers that the conditions are not safe for the workers.

Hearings before the labour relations Board began at the end of the week and will continue.

Solarium Optimum

The crisis of the COVID-19 led Solarium Optimum to develop a new range of products to respond to a public health concern.

Since the end of the month of march, the manufacturer laval has developed a modular system made of panels of isolation facilities to develop in a few minutes of protection areas in a company. “These panels can be adapted to all types of waiting rooms,” says sales director, Andrew Martin.

Last Friday, the talks were also underway with a network of private clinics in the region, Lac-St-Jean to equip their waiting rooms.

Already, plug isolation, suspended or fixed were sold in supermarkets to protect the staff service counters and cases.

Some of the institutions of the Mouvement Desjardins have also placed orders to provide protection to customers who conduct their transactions at atms, note the passing of Mr. Martin.

Logistik Unicorp

Logistik Unicorp, which is defined as an integrator of the class in terms of uniforms and safety equipment and the main supplier of the canadian army, will mobilize its domestic supply chain in order to produce millions of coats levels of medical protection 1, 2, and 3, as necessary to protect the health care workers in Canada.

“Thanks to an agreement signed with the government of Canada, Logistik Unicorp will provide over the next six months solutions for washable and disposable, entirely produced in Canada. “

This contract confirms the resumption of activities and return to work for 20 factories specialized in the manufacture of textiles and clothing across Canada.

“A sector that, until now, was in the habit of obtaining supplies abroad. “

Decline in real estate in Vancouver

Housing sales in the Vancouver region have fallen from 39.4 per cent in April compared to last year, reaching a low of nearly four decades, said on Monday the real estate board of the region, the activity was leaded by a full month’s measures of distance-physical to counter the epidemic of COVID-19.

The total sales was lower by 62.7 % to the average ten-year in April, and its the lowest total for that month since 1982.

New listings of homes for sale decreased 59.7 %, while the total number of active registrations decreased from 34.6 % compared to April 2019.

The prices, however, are maintained for April, the price of the benchmark composite having increased by 2.5 % compared to the previous year and 0.2 % compared to the month of march.

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