Richard Therrien: the “real” child of TV

When he was young, watching television was an obsession for Richard Therrien, more important than playing outside or even with friends. “I was a very special child,” he says. Not surprising that his dream was to work for TV Hebdo.
M lthough he now lives his dream by chronicling the TV to the Sun throughout the Capital Media Group of newspapers, as well as 98.5 FM, it’s still a job, he nuance. “It’s not true that people listen to TV with a notebook [like me]. Chronicle, you have to write it. I do interviews, I go on filming, “says the reporter.

There is a paradox around the small screen, says Richard Therrien. “It’s the most unifying but also the most underrated art. There are people who boast about not watching TV. Of course there is bad TV, but it is also bad cinema, bad books, bad theater. “Is not it boasted not to read?

This love for television has its own set of challenges, such as revealers, a “nightmare” for the chronicler. How to analyze a work without talking about important scriptwriting decisions? “It’s complex,” exclaims the chronicler. If he understands the principle, people must also take responsibility. Why, after all, read a text on a series if one is afraid to learn too much? It’s playing with fire!

But this same passion also creates a strong connection between the chronicler and the audience, because they want to discuss with him, his opinions or a turnaround in a series. “Often people are pretty direct, they do not go out of their way! But there is a lot of benevolence in the words, it’s important to say it. ”

In this podcast, Richard Therrien tells how reality television has almost made him give up the trade, evokes the golden age of television but also how platforms like Netflix threaten Quebec TV.

The Sun presents “Portraits”, a first series of podcasts devoted to personalities who aspire to make things happen in their fields. As the pace of news accelerates, the series “Portraits” offers the luxury of time. On the menu, five long interviews conducted by our journalist Mickaël Bergeron, through which are drawn portraits, where we go back to the sources of commitment, the passion of our guests. Our first five? Virginie Larivière , Anne-Marie Olivier, Martin Bureau, Richard Therrien and Tire le coyote. Good listening!

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