Rihanna : Fenty Beauty, Met Gala, Ocean’s 8, how is it remained at the top in 2018 ?

Despite the lack of music news, Rihanna has not failed to make headlines throughout the year. Of Fenty Beauty at Ocean’s 8 in passing by the Met Gala, back on a busy year !

Nothing could stop it. If you said a little bit earlier why we love Chris Pratt, star of Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, we must admit that Rihanna is not bad in its genre. Indeed, the singer has taken advantage of this year to focus on everything except his music. And as the note very precisely, Junkee, the non-release of a new single or a new album has truly annoyed the fans. But force is to admit that even without music, the Barbadian 30-year-old has scored 2018 as a person. And that was probably because she managed to walk off with the prize… for his music ! American Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, BMI Pop Music Award… 2018 was a year with Rihanna. And this is not finished.

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Obviously, Rihanna has taken advantage of these 12 months in order to impose its brand of cosmetics Fenty Beauty. After a resounding launch last year, Rihanna has been able to capitalize on excellent returns. The time of a few videos, it is even transformed into a YouTubeuse make-up, totaling at passage 17 million views for a simple tutorial sponsored by Vogue. And because Rihanna has already done it in shoes, umbrellas, and even makeup, it was time to embark to the conquest of a new sector : the lingerie. Savage x Fenty has already received accolades from critics and specialized public, while his parade, inclusive, to wish, has finished burying the angels of Victoria’s Secret.

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And it’s not finished ! Cultural ambassador of Barbados since 2008, Rihanna was offered a heck of a promotion in 2018. She became the official ambassador of Barbados, being, not surprisingly, the personality end of the island’s most well-known around the world. And after having stolen the limelight from Chilidish Gambino, who had agreed to sing on the stage of its annual Diamond Ball, she shot a film with it. Title Guava Island and directed by Hiro Murai, we should soon hear a lot about. Like’Ocean’s 8, the remake all-femaleOcean’s Eleven. Alongside Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, and Sarah Paulson, Rihanna shone bright like never before. The film has earned nearly 300 million dollars of recipe around the world.

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And like Rihanna never does things by half, it is impossible not to mention the traditional Met Gala. This year, in spite of a theme that could prove to be a casse-gueule (celestial Bodies : the fashion and fantasy catholic), Rihanna was one of the few to have fully understood and interpreted. And this is not because she had no new music to promote that Rihanna has pulled the covers of magazines. Oh it’s not ! In 2018, we have thus been able to see it ask for Look, Dazed , and to be the first black woman on the cover of the september issue of Vogue uk. You said “Queen” ? In the rest of the news people, here’s how prince George stole the show at the princess Charlotte and prince Louis on the greeting card of Christmas.