Rihanna taclée on its origins, it puts a hater in his place and it is epic !

Clashée by one of its critics about its origins, Rihanna did not hesitate to put it back in its place. Discover his perfect answer !

You have not been able to move to the side. On 6 November took place the mid-term elections in the United States. A ballot is important for the citizens ! And for good reason, the latter were for the purpose of to renew the new representatives of the Congress, the us parliament. The opportunity for the stars to mobilize and show openly their support for their favorites. If Beyoncé has created a surprising controversy by speaking out on the Canvas, Rihanna encouraged her fans to register on the electoral lists. “If you are tired of complaining about the state of the country and the government, get a move on you, and so do,” she wrote on Instagram. A statement which has not failed to respond to his haters.

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#Rihanna has time today y’all ???????? #GoVOTE

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Determined to make things right, Rihanna has posted all the necessary information to allow its subscribers to vote in the election. Unfortunately for the singer, his detractors were not far away and one of them is cracked a comment on his page : “Is it that you’re at least an american citizen ?” A question that Rihanna has the perfect answer : “No, I am an immigrant who is trying to make sure that your country regains composure And you, you have voted ?” You may not know this, but as a nationality barbadian, the interpreter of “Work” may not vote. This has not prevented him from motivating his fans while putting the critics in their place. In the rest of the news, Jenna Dewan now appears with her new boyfriend and doesn’t hesitate to kiss her in public.