Rise of the machines: in the Kharkov subway train took passengers in “hostages”

							Восстание машин: в харьковском метро поезд взял пассажиров в «заложники»

In Kharkiv residents of the city complained of the operation of the subway, as the train arrived at the station “Botanical garden,” stood at the platform two minutes, but never opened the doors for passengers.

“At 11:41 to station “Botanical garden” comes a train. Not even coming and almost flies. Brakes. Train with people. Two minutes is and leaves. Not opening doors. Not letting and start of people”, – wrote in his Facebook Paul Novick.

							Восстание машин: в харьковском метро поезд взял пассажиров в «заложники»

He also added that in the metro constantly there are a variety of “adventures” and challenges in the work.

“They do not regularly work at the stations vending machines to recharge cards, then it is impossible to exchange money, the interval of trains is constantly increasing, the fact that the train arrives and almost immediately the driver door tries to close, although people are not what I went to go and still not have time. And more,” he complained.

However, the press service of the Kharkiv metro explained the incident with the “hostages” malfunction of the composition.

“At the station “Botanical Garden” due to technical reasons was not implemented disembarkation of passengers from a train. The train proceeded to the station “Science”, where was carried out the landing and embarkation of passengers. Threat to the life and safety of passengers was not”, – said the press-Secretary Aleksei Bitner, writes the edition “Gorod”.

Yesterday, October 9, was mined metro station “Zhitomir” in Kiev.