Riverdale : Lucy Hale sharing the photos of the first day of filming the spin-off Katy Keen

The shooting of Katy Keen, the spin-off of Riverdale has finally started ! Lucy Hale has shared some photos of the cast in full. Check out-immediately.

A new adventure begins ! After the success of Riverdale for the last 3 seasons, the CW has decided to launch a spin-off based on the universe Archie Comics. This new series is titled, Katy Keen and will take place at a different time than that of Riverdale ! In addition, the casting we reserve nice surprises. In fact, the actress star of Katy Keen has just been casted and it is Lucy Hale, known for her role as Aria in Pretty Little Liars. In addition, Ashleigh Murray, who interpreted Josie in Riverdale had to say goodbye to her co-stars to join the spin-off Katy Keen and make the connection between the two series. The filming of this brand new show has just started and Lucy Hale has shared photos of the cast in full on Instagram !

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KATY KEENE. Day 1 ❤️

A publication shared by Lucy Hale (@lucyhale) March 13, 2019 at 7 :31 am PDT

This spin-off of Riverdale will follow the lives and loves of four characters, including that of Katy Keen, the legend of fashion in New York and will be the official sequel of the series, a few years in the future. This character is described as a young woman full of daring, generous, and independent, who dreams of becoming a real fashion designer and works as a personal shopper in a luxury department store. It is a friend of Veronica Lodge. For its part, Josie has followed his dreams and will have a nice career as a singer. As you can see on the pictures of Lucy Hale, the first day of shooting the pilot of Katy Keen starts in joy and good mood. The whole team looks excited by this new project. In the meantime new details, check out our verdict of the episode 15 of season 3 of Riverdale.