Riverdale, Outlander, The Walkind Dead : Have you followed all the spoilers of the week ?

Riverdale, Outlander, The Walkind Dead : As-tu bien suivi tous les spoilers de la semaine ?

Published 5 days ago Published on 2 dec. 2018 21:03:26Ecrit by Solène S.

This week, the twists were many on the side of your favorite series. Vikings in Riverdale, quick, come and see if you have missed any detail !

1. In episode 7 of the reboot of Charmed, which couple is formed, resembling that of Cole and Phoebe ?

  • has

    Maggie and Parker

  • b

    Macy’s and Galvin

  • c

    Mel and Niko

  • d

    Macy and Harry