Riverdale season 3 : Episode 8, SPOILER becomes the Gryphon Queen and made a covenant unexpectedly, our verdict on the Fall Final

Yesterday evening, the Fall Finale of season 3 of Riverdale has been aired on the CW and it has brought us a lot of answers while raising new ! Discover immediately our verdict of “Outbreak”.

We arrived at the Mid-Season Finale of season 3 of Riverdale and we still have the breath. One has to laugh in front of this plot is completely ridiculous – which is implemented in the best way possible. This episode 8 of season 3 of Riverdale has apparently changed that and has brought a certain clarity to the fans, answering a lot of questions while preparing the second part of the season. “Outbreak” started with a major crisis that has hit the Vixens, except Cheryl. The parents of Veronica brought her back in Pembrooke and at the time of her alarm clock, she overheard a conversation rather unpleasant. She understood that her father was indeed the brain and the cause of its convulsions, especially when he wanted to return to New York… This episode also marked the end of the nightmare of Betty. We have seen that she didn’t feel the effects of the fizzle rocks since she was throwing up after. This proves that you can always count on Betty is the character with the most down-to-earth series. It was then decided to accelerate his plan, starting with handling Ethel to take her to see the Gargoyle King, and it was simple enough for her.

Once in front of the door, Betty shoved Ethel and has locked up a few hours so that it is no more of a victim of the drug. She has realized that the Gargoyle King was a hallucination because it was not actually a statue, instead of terrifying it must be acknowledged ! Betty also stated that the Gargoyle King that they had seen being sober had to be someone in disguise, and this has raised a few questions. Who is behind all this ? Anyway, Betty has requested the help of Ethel to kidnap the sister Woodhouse and attach it in order to get answers and they have had ! The sister revealed that the game G&G had begun in the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. For years, they have used the statue to scare the children, so that some of the students have created the game around the idea of the Gargoyle King and the sisters have served to help focus the attention of patients. But the game was not supposed to come out… On this, Betty and Ethel have decided to release all the other girls present with them but they have refused to go… Betty is, thus, transformed into a Gryphon Queen , on the pretext that the Gargoyle King was dead, for they are willing to follow ! It should be recognized that the duo Betty/Ethel has worked very well even if it was rather unexpected in this episode of Riverdale.

Riverdale saison 3 : Épisode 8, SPOILER devient la Gryphon Queen et fait une alliance inattendue, notre verdict du Fall Finale

Family reunion !

Of their sides, Jug and Archie were reunited with the mother and sister of Jughead and these reunions were quite interesting. However, Penny Peabody has landed and has tried to bring Archie to Hiram. Fortunately, Jellybean has saved the situation ! Gladys concluded that Jug had to let Archie go alone, those who help him would be always in danger. Archie agreed, and Gladys was so called FP and Fred to take their son. The emotion was waiting for you when F. P and the mother of Jughead saw and this moment was quite tender and touching. Unfortunately, F. P and Jug have not been able to return to Riverdale… The Fall Finale ended on a key, rather terrifying. Hiram has asked the governor to put the whole city under quarantine after the crisis of the Vixens while Archie headed for the canadian border after having dyed her hair black. Besides, Hiram had warned Veronica that something “almost biblical” was about to happen, admitting in passing that he was pulling the strings of the outbreak of the Fizzle Rocks… moreover, we have left the face of the Gargoyle King, which proves that this is not him… Was it a hallucination ? Hiram plays it for all this time at the G&G ? This episode 8 of season 3, of Riverdale was rather entertaining but also a little confused. We reserve the suite ? Waiting for the return of the series, check out the spoilers of the week !